January 22, 2018


Valdivia, Rio Cruzes


Elder Burgess

Hola familia.

Hola familia como estan ustedes!!!
​This week was bacan and we have been working hard as usual! First off, I would like to say that this week I finally finished Jesus the Christ in English so part one of one of my goals is Done now. I just need to read it in Spanish (woot woot). The things I learned from that book are so amazing. The example and just amazing person that Christ was while on the Earth is incredible. It just makes me more excited, especially to find all of these things it talks about in the New Testament. And I would also love to challenge all of you to read this amazing book.
This week we had an invasion in our sector so we have a bunch of references and future investigators that we are very excited for because our 5 really good, progressing investigators all moved out of our sector which is sad but they are all making contact with the missionaries still, so that is awesome!
For p-day, today we went on a little paseo to a little island called Corral about an hour and a boat ride away and also the beach in Niebla before we went there. It was dope and we went there with the district.
I just want to tell you all how much I love being a missionary. It is definitely not easy, but I am not disappointed with the decision at all!
I love you all so much! CHOW HASTA SEMANA​
Elder Stirling


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