November 20, 2017


Calbuco, Chile


Elder Valverde

Its the Hard that Makes it Good

This week was great but frustrating. We didn't have much success this week, but when things are hard, you have trouble or trials, all you can do sometimes is smile. And that's what I have decided to do from now on is ALWAYS try to smile. Sometimes you might think you can't, but just do it and you can pull through. And now is beginning the summer down here which is kind of weird like it's November and it's starting to get warmer. (Mom note: So I guess all that winter gear Jarod requested for Christmas that I mailed last Thursday can be used for NEXT winter.) Que loco haha.

But one scripture that hit me hard this week was in Alma 6: 6. It talks about why the sacrament is important and I feel like we are very blessed to be able to partake of Jesus Christ and be blessed by him! Other than that, since this week is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to give my thanks to all of you for the support and especially your prayers. I was just wondering if you could send me a list of 35 things you are grateful for this week! Just to remind you all of how blessed we are. Keep working hard and I will too!!!!
I'm grateful for...
1. My family
2. The book of mormon
3. Empenadas
4. The people of Chile especially Calbuco
5. The blessings I don't notice in most days
6. The living day prophet we have today Thomas S. Monson
7. The example my parents have set for me
8. My compañero and his help with Spanish
9. Spanish
10. Trials in my life
11. My hermanita in Argentina
12. Baseball
13. La biblia
14. Prayer and being able to speak to God in any moment
15. El CCM (MTC) because I needed training wheels for the first 6 weeks to be honest
16. the amazing education I received in the US
17. Having the opportunity to represent the Lord
18. My mission President and the revelation he receives for my mission
19. To be a member of the only true church in the World
20. To be a child of God
Lo siento solo tenia tiempo por 20 pero tengo mas bendiciones en mi vida que puedo contar
(I'm sorry I only had time for 20 but I have more blessings in my life that I can tell)

I love you all so much.
Hasta semana! CHOW​


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