July 31, 2017


Second Area - Monmouth, OR


Elder Elias

Week 47

Looking back on this past week, Elder Elias and I did a lot of things...except take any videos or pictures... Oops! ;)

Monday was spent emailing at the church, as it usually is, and we had dinner with a member of the stake presidency and his family, President White. The return missionary daughter (of just a few weeks) brought her non-member long term boyfriend, Greg. It was a fun time getting to know him, and talking with the whole family about missions! The English Elders had a powerful message (definitely geared towards Greg) about the restoration of the gospel, and we had an amazing time with them all! After dinner, we visited a family--really a couple with their baby--we met about three weeks ago, when we happened to just tract into them one afternoon. They were super open about their beliefs, but boy do they love to talk! Elder Elias and I probably got in three or four sentences the entire hour and a half we were there! So, we went a second time, and the pattern repeated itself again. ;) We began talking with them, and we would ask a question, like "where do we go after we die?", and the husband would tell us all about the second coming, judgment, the Millenium, and all that good stuff, while we were sitting there, already knowing what he was trying to "impress" us with. It was pretty interesting, to say the least. :)

Tuesday we had a meeting in West Salem with the zone leaders, sister training leaders, other district leaders, and the stake president, President Moore. We meet in that counsel to discuss what we can do as missionaries to bring about the stake presidents vision for his stake. After that meeting, we hurried back over to Independence to help Brother Shae, a non-member in a part-member family, do some yard work. We dug up a giant tree stump in his back yard, fully equipped with a shovel, axe, and hedge clippers. ;) It was a great opportunity to talk with him (Anthony), and get to know him better. The only thing we weren't happy about was that he started to tell us how the Star Wars movie, Rogue One goes. Neither Elder Elias or I have seen it, so we were cringing on the inside, and I imagine as well on the outside, and tried our best to ignore him while he went on. :) After that, we drove to dinner, which was a comfortable 30 plus minutes from Monmouth because a member signed up for Elder Pinkston's birthday, which was that day. Wahoo! He's now 21! He's the oldest Elder in the district, but the youngest in terms of his mission time.

Wednesday was our Lincoln City coastal run, and honestly, we can see why President directed us to focus most of our time in West Salem, and Monmouth/Independence. It took us an hour and a half to drive there, we only had an hour and a half to proselyte, and then it took us an hour and a half to drive back. In that time period, we didn't talk with anybody, and found none of our potential investigators, who we tried to visit, home. Between studies, having lunch, and having the long trip, we were only able to visit a couple people after dinner. We did run into a non-member and his member wife, Pete and Cindy Kalogeras, who run a Greek Food Cart! That was pretty neat. They gave us free food the next day for lunch, too!

Thursday and Friday were pretty similar, with us trying to find many of the potentials in our are, with marginal success. Thursday took the entire day, since we had unscheduled service to help a less-active member bury her dog... yeah. That was super interesting... She was super grateful, though after it was all said and done. Then, we ended up taking a nap during the middle of it since Elder Elias wasn't feeling super good. That took all the way to dinner, too. Friday we had dinner with a Hispanic family, the Rodriguez family, and it was so amazing! They made something called mole (mo lei), which is basically a super sweet meat, combined with a very rich sauce. Yumm!!

Saturday was super slow. I woke up with a migraine starting, so I slept the entire day.. We went on a mini-exchange so that Elder Pinkston and I could sleep, and the other two could go out and prosylite.

Sunday saw the biggest miracle of this week. We were walking in our area, just after getting rejected by a couple people, about 8:30 at night, and had a goal to get two new investigators. We saw a group of three people hanging out by a couple cars, and immediately headed over to talk to them. It was a brother, his sister, and one of their friends. They were super receptive to our message to learn more about the gospel, and the brother had actually gone to our church in the past, and mentioned he felt warm and happy when he went. His sister was neat, even though she's catholic, she told us she's open to religion, and has really seen how our church has made a difference in her brothers life. They grew up in southern LA, and had a really rough childhood. They've experienced some things I'll never have to, and they were super appreciative that we stopped by. We told them we were inspired to come that way, and the brother said he believed it. We set something up with them for the next week! Heavenly Father definitely led us to them! They're super prepared! Oh, and earlier that morning Josher texted us and told us he'd like to meet with us this Thursday again!! We're totally going to put him on date!!

Well, that was our week! It was a good one, for sure!

I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Kehl


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