July 24, 2017


Second Area - Monmouth, OR


Elder Elias

Week 46

I can't believe it's already been a week! Holy cow, time really flies by! Monday was spent emailing plus other essential P-day activities, which is pretty exciting in an of itself. ;) After dinner, we went to visit a couple of our investigators over in Monmouth, specifically Fernando. We found him at home, like normal, and like he always has, he invited us in to talk for a little bit. It was tough, seeing how overworked the guy is, and how much he truly needs the gospel in his life, and in his family life, but he just won't let us really teach him. We visit pretty much every week, though nothing more than small talk once we actually get in and sit down! Its rough, and we're really struggling to know where to go with him. After him, we tried contacting a couple other potential investigators we had in the area, though we mainly just talked with people we ran into on the streets.

Tuesday we were over in Dallas for a while, looking for a couple referrals the missionaries over there gave us for Hispanic people. :) We didn't find any of them home, but we talked with plenty of other people just street contacting along the way. There's some interesting people in Dallas! One guy that sticks out to me was just sitting on the sidewalk watching YouTube on his phone when we walked by. We asked him what he was doing, and he explained to us that he was a pest-control salesman, going door to door like us. He told us that he had a late start that day (we met him around 3:30), and he told us since he's so good at his job, like, really good, he decided to watch youtube, since he can sell all the houses he needed to in an hour. If you can't tell, he was maybe a little cocky about his selling abilities. The most I'll say about it was when we passed him an hour later, he was still on his phone watching videos... we had dinner in Monmouth, then tracted into some people around in the neighborhoods, all the while simultaneously looking for the Hispanic people in our area book. We ended up dropping a couple of them, since we've never been able to actually meet them after trying six or seven times...

Wednesday was Zone Conference! Whoo!! Okay, I dunno if I've explained Zone Conference in the past, but just as a refresher, its when we meet as two zones (around 100 missionaries) to receive trainings from President and Sister Tateoka, the Assistants to the president, and the zone leaders and sister training leaders! The theme of this past Zone Conference was chapter 9 of PMG, which focuses on developing the faith to find! The chapter is a wealth of information for how members can learn how to integrate missionary work into their daily conversations with neighbors, friends, or family members. It has tons of suggestions of ways to bring up the gospel in regular conversations, and gives amazing insight as to why faith is so important in finding those who Heavenly Father is preparing to hear the message of the Restoration. And He is preparing someone in our circle of friends, coworkers, or family members who need the hope and joy our unique message brings. I challenge you all to do two things this next week: first, read chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel, and pray to know specifically how you can apply the doctrine in it to your personal life. Second, look for and find the one that Heavenly Father is preparing in your life. As you do this, Heavenly Father will know he can trust us with His children, and will guide you to who is ready to take the missionary discussions. My favorite quote from Zone Conference is from President Tateoka. He said about Alma the Younger's faith: "Alma was not a superhero. He was not a Transformer. He simply knew where his power came from. It came from the Lord," and thats so true. Its a change in our perspectives. When we change from doubt and "thinking" we may be able to share the gospel, to having a sure, knowledge, based on faith, that we will be divinely aided, thats when we find, and have baptisms. When we are bold, and have faith, then decide to act, our efforts will be magnified.

Thursday was rough! I woke up with a migraine that I started to get Wednesday night. Elder Elias and I went on splits with the other missionaries since Elder Pinkston broke his wrist a couple weeks ago, and he's been having a rough day. Surprise! Yep, he broke his wrist a couple of weeks ago at a service project. He was helping a member shuck hay, and was on top of the truck, and the hay fell off along the road, and him with it. :'( He fractured his wrist, near the thumb (the scaphoid bone), and has a cast on it. He's been in a lot of pain, so it's been hard for them to go out and proselyte, so we've been able to help out the past couple of weeks. So that was the story of Friday! Err, Thursday! :)

Friday was kind of a slower day too, just because we had to do our weekly planning session then. We helped out a part-member family, Zac and Brittany McKinster move from their apartment over in 3rd Ward to downtown Portland. Well, we didn't actually go to Portland, just helped Zac (the non-member) get everything into the back of his truck. All the heavy things he couldn't do by himself, anyway, like the bed, other pieces of the bed, and the really heavy bed. ;)

After that the end of the week flew by, honestly. We visited a lot of people, found some interesting, but not to crazy ones, and had some lessons fall through. Yesterday was a little hectic. We got a text from Josher telling us he was going to be able to go to church, so we sped over to West Salem. We got to the chapel right before church started, and texted Josher to ask where he was in the chapel, and he said the other side than we were at. We waited till the end, since church had already started, and tried to find him. We couldn't, and then we got a text from him asking if we were at a different building in West Salem, where he and his member fellowshipper, Roberto were at. We jumped in the car, and told them we were on our way. They texted us again five minutes out, and said Josher had to leave right after sacrament meeting, so we didn't actually get to see him, and ended up going to all of Monmouth 1st's ward. Six hours of church was pretty tough towards the end. I got pretty antsy and squirmy during Elders Quorum, and I'm sure I got more than a few weird looks! ;)


Elder Kehl


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