July 3, 2017


Second Area - Monmouth, OR


Elder Elias

Week 43

We finally got bikes! We got my bike from Woodburn, and when Elder Warnock left he gave his bike to Elder Elias! Yay! I've been not-so-secretly wanting to bike for the last three months, but now it's finally here!

This week was full of Satan being the adversary he is. We visited with a lot of less active families in West Salem, though most of them weren't home, so those days we found it hard to talk to a lot of people. Josher's situation got a little interesting too. Since he has real intent through the roof, and since he's so set on finding out if
he should be baptized, again, Satan has been pushing him and throwing him extra tough situations. Earlier last week, he texted us that his car had gotten totaled in an accident, where it wasn't his fault. He's perfectly okay, but since he actually lives out of our area, and his car is the only way he can come to lessons, we weren't able to meet with him last week, and most likely this week too. Elder Elias and I are figuring out what to do with his situation to help him get through it, and help him know this is just Satan throwing things in his path, because he's headed down the right road.

I had my first district meeting as district leader this past Friday, too! I was super nervous at the beginning, and I was super afraid of messing up, or saying the wrong thing. I realized as I started my training, that it doesn't matter if I messed up (I did a LOT :)), because the important piece is that my district knows I'm trying my best. The way I approached the rest of my training reflected that realization, and even though I made mistakes, thats kinda part of the learning. Also, the only thing that changes for me as district leader is I collect monthly mileage reports from the district, make phone calls Sunday nights to talk about the areas of my district, and go to a couple more meetings every once in a while. Oh, plus plan for district meeting! :)

Funny experience of the week:

In West Salem we'd parked our car right next to the zone leaders, who have the exact same car as us, and actually talked to them for a minute before heading over to visit some of our people. As we walked towards the street where the house we wanted to knock was, from 20 or so feet way, we saw and heard a very drunk guy say, "Hey guys! Its my buddies!" As he stumbled over to us. We knew it was going to be a fun time with him after that. 😂 Basically to make a long story short, he wanted to talk with the English Elders we were just with, though we couldn't somehow get that through to him (I wonder why), so he got progressively more confused, and upset. Though, he was super...protective of us, if that makes sense. We were standing just next to the road , on the sidewalk, and at one point as a car drove by, he said "I'll save you buddies!" And leapt almost into the path of the car! Well, enough where the car slammed on the brakes and the driver got super mad. 😬 Later, he was asking more intently for the other Elders, and literally as he's saying that, we see them drive by! We told him they were right behind him, so he turned and looked, and said, "no! That's not them. You're pulling my strings! I'm going to go up to the monastery tomorrow and complain about you two! I have your names and everything!" As the elders got out of their car, and walked towards another house. We were trying so so hard not to laugh, but failing miserably. Then, the other Elders finally came towards us, and we told him they were behind us! He looked, and got super excited as he ran towards the Elders. All four of us were just making eye-contact, and have a silent conversation that went like "what is going on?" "No idea. He's your problem now!" As we were all laughing, but trying to not make it look like we were laughing.

Through the ups and downs, and especially in the times when Satan's influence is evident, I know that Heavenly Father gives us the strength and power we need to resist him, and continually do the Lords work, because He will uplift us and strengthen us.

I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Kehl


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