June 19, 2017


Second Area - Monmouth, OR


Elder Elias

Week 41

This week we had some great experiences! We had another lesson with Josher this past Thursday, that went really well. We were only able to teach him a part of the Plan of Salvation since we didn't have the normal amount of time to teach him, but what we did teach he absolutely loved! He mentioned how it made sense to him that we had an existence before this life, and as we were explaining the pourpose of life on earth, he said how our scripture and explanation helped him to answer the questions he's had for a long time now. By far the neatest thing with Josher is his progress! When we met with him two weeks ago, he would say things like "when I know the church is true", and now this past week he was saying things like "I know this church is true"! We still haven't been able to get him on date for baptism again, but we know he's so close to receiving an answer that the Book of Mormon is true, then we've got him! :)

The other neat experience happened last night, when we visited Fernando, one of our Other Investigators, whose been hard to meet with because of his work schedule. We opened the door to who we came to realize was his mom who is visiting from Mexico! At first, she was a tiny bit open to us, but it was obvious she wasn't going to invite us into the house to sit down and talk more. She told us that Fernando was asleep from the long, early drive to the airport to pick her up earlier that day, so we kind of knew we wouldn't get in. Then, a miracle happened! As we continued talking with her, Fernando's daughter (her granddaughter) came to the door to tell us that Fernando was awake! He instantly invited us into the home, and we began talking wth/teaching them. His mom had a lot of genuine questions about the Book of Mormon, as well as the church, which was amazing since she was previously so closed off. The awesome part was both her and Fernando were super attentive to our responses, and through answering all their questions we ended up teaching them pieces of the Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Restoration, and about temples! We had a great lesson with them, and ended by sharing Mosiah 24: 12-15 about the Lord making our burdens light, and committed them to pray about if what we had shared with them was true. They said they would, and they also told us they would read the Book of Mormon together to see what they thought! Total miracle!

Last week we helped two different families move as well; it was something both hard and easy at the same time. The easy part was moving the stuff. The physical things didn't take too long to put onto the moving van, but the hard part was saying goodbye to the families. They've been so good to us missionaries, and helped us in the work in so many areas. We're super sad to see them go, but we're definelty going to stay in contact with them!

Something I started incorporating into my personal studies this week was to begin the challenge extended by President Nelson during the most recent General Conference, where he challenged us to study the life and acts of the Savior. To do this, you go to the Bible Dictionary, and starting with the section "Jesus Christ", you go through all the scriptural references for his life, in all the gospels, in the order they happen. Then, once you finish that, you go to the subsequent 75 subsections in the Bible Dictionary for Jesus Christ and read all of those scriptures! The blessings President Nelson promised were that through this you will come to know and love your Savior more, and you will desire more fully to keep His commandments and strive to do all He asks of you. I testify that this promise is real, as I have started it over this past week. I have grown to appreciate Christ more in my life, and my relationship with him has increased. I invite you all as families to take this challenge, because I know the blessings that come from it will help in whatever situation you are going through, be it personal or familial. You will have more strength to draw upon if you take this challenge! That is the promise from President Nelson.

I love you all! Have a great, fun, amazing, awesome week!


Elder Kehl


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