April 17, 2017


Second Area - Monmouth, OR


Elder Vega

Week 32

This week has been a lot of walking. I'm not sure if I've explained it all before, but if we are fortunate enough to have a car in our area, we are limited to how many miles we have each month, and since we're getting close to our limit for April, we decided to do a lot of work here in Independence and Monmouth this week, meaning lots of walking! :) it's been really awesome to get to talk to random people on the street, and find contacts that way, even if they aren't super interested after talking with them.

Wednesday we got a referral from the 1st Ward Elders for a Spanish family, the moms name was Mónica. We had the chance to go by their house and try to contact them, and they were home! We met Mónica, who's super nice and open to hearing more about the gospel. Her husbands name is Alán, and he's a nice guy too. They have a son whose around five or six, and overall their interest was peaked to hear more about the gospel! We're super excited to go back to meet them more this upcoming week!

Thursday was a little tough, since we didn't really talk to anyone the whole day, except the people we found on the street. Then, at the end of the day after dinner, we drove to a far-away part of our area called Wilamina to search for a couple investigators and referrals we've been trying to contact for a transfer now. The drive to Wilamina is about a 45 minute drive one way, so we wanted to save our miles from earlier in the week. We ended up finding the investigator and referrals, and ended up dropping all three of them for a little while. It was tough, but I know that this point, none of them are ready yet to progress. On the bright side, we no longer need to stress about driving to Wilamina and back for a little while. :)

Friday we went back to the good ol' two-legs approach and walked all day again. :) Finding people was minimum, but it gave Elder Vega and I an opportunity to talk, get to know each other better, and brainstorm for our investigators. And of course, take videos. ;) We contacted a couple of people, and had some daily contact with a couple of our investigators to see how they were going, in between our lessons. There were definitely sore feet that day.

Saturday was an exchange day! Elder Wang and I were here in our area doing the Spanish work. As we were planning for the day, a big tender mercy stuck out to me. That day, we only had two set lessons for the day, but both of them were with investigators who primarily spoke English, who we taught in all English. We've never seen them both on the same day before, and it just happened that it was during our exchange that it happened. Even though one fell through, we still got to have an awesome lesson in English with one of our investigators where Elder Wang got to participate. That same morning we had our Ward Easter egg hunt and breakfast, where we the missionaries got to share a spiritual message about Jesus Christ. We shared the Prince of Peace video series from I highly recommend that you watch those; they bring the Spirit very strongly, and help us focus on Christ and feeling peace that only He can bring into our lives. There is a video for the overall theme, and 8 other videos talking about specific Christlike attributes we can develop. Like I said, a great way to feel the Spirit, and grow your testimony of the Savior.

Easter Sunday went great! We got to enjoy church and listen to the speakers talk about Christ and how we can find peace through and because of Him. It's interesting how well the Sacrament Meeting talks related to the Prince of Peace videos.

Awesome experience of the week:

Thursday we found a phone on the ground in the pouring rain, and decided to pick it up to try to find the owner and return it. After drying it off in the public library bathroom, we realized the phone was in Spanish, which is odd in the US of A. Good thing we're Spanish missionaries. :) We got super excited since we knew we'd get an automatic referral whenever we returned the phone. Meanwhile, all of this is happening as we sat in the library trying to remember how to use a smartphone, which by the way had a sparkly pink case, and I'm sure looking a little silly. ;) We tried looking through contacts, looking for a mom or dad number, and called the numbers on our phone, though no one picked up immediately. We decided to keep working and wait until we got a call to return the phone. Long story short, they ended up calling the phone back the next day, and we returned it, with the promise to return to share a message about Jesus Christ! A little kindness and service goes a long way.

I have a testimony that this is the Lords work. He directs and guides us to the people who are prepared to make and keep covenants with Him, and those who are in need of His love in their lives. I love being a missionary, because even when people don't let us come back for a second lesson, etc, I've already felt a portion of the love Heavenly Father has for them, and take comfort in knowing all we have to do is offer what is true, no matter what we thing of the agency of others.

I love you all! Have an amazing week!


Elder Kehl


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