February 20, 2017


First Area - Woodburn, OR


Elder Patterson

Week 24

Okay for Semana 24 I wanted to talk about my exchange with the Zone Leaders from this past Thursday. I went with Elder Bills in our area here in Woodburn, and we had an amazing day. We recently had a training on how to plan better for our investigators and make our time more effective as missionaries. During our exchange he taught me more about how to plan specifically to myself and our area. I learned a lot about how to utilize my schedule to get the most proselyting time posible.

After experiencing this awesome planning time we headed out into our area, and we experienced miracles. They're no other way to explain it. We had almost every part of the day planned, and a goal and plan for everyone we planned to talk to. Although we didn't necessarily talk to everyone we planned to, new investigators were put into our path that we were able to talk to, and share the gospel with them. We met one lady named Leilani who speaks English next to another investigators house, and she's awesome! She gave us a return appointment for next week (so after I'm gone), but I'm excited to see where her willingness goes!

This week has just been another week. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's been good for me to see that nothing's wrong with not having huge big spiritual experiences every week, but putting my head down and going to work is the majority of what we do as missionaries.

Love you all lots! Have an awesome week!

Elder Kehl


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