February 6, 2017


First Area - Woodburn, OR


Elder Patterson

Week 22

Hi all! I'll preface this weekly email by saying that I've been pretty sick this entire week. So, this email won't be too long. :) Like I said, I've been sick all week. It started a week ago Friday with a head cold, and really just got worse with time. I felt better on Tuesday, and that was also our last day out for a while...because it came back on Wednesday and that time I had a cough added to the mix. I suffered through a couple more days until Saturday, staying in the entire time, before going to the doctor. I ended up getting checked out in the first place because the mission doctor was worried that since I have asthma, the cold that I have might turn into pneumonia. What followed (the doctors appointment) was the highlight experience of the week—it was a classic story of nothing working out at all too. :)

So, story. We were told by the mission doctor to go to the Urgent Care in Salem to have that doctors visit I mentioned. We ended up getting a little lost along the way, as per the norm, and got there about forty-five minutes after leaving our apartment in Woodburn. We get into the Urgent Care and started checking in, and because I have military insurance, and it was a Saturday so their system was unable to receive a something or other which made it so that another thing happened so that... bottom line was for some strange reason, my military ID card wouldn't be accepted. So I said fine, and tried using my Missionary Medical card, which is available and ready for every missionary in the world, in any place in the world, to use with no problems...and apparently I wasn't "registered" that also didn't work. We were a little confused and I was kinda ticked since nothing was working. What ended up happening was a random LDS doctor on the way to a family event passing by agreed to come into the clinic that wasn't his, and quickly listen to my lungs. He did that, which was a huge favor to us, and figured out that there was no wheezing in my lungs! Yay!

This has been a long week for reflection and patience for sure. I've learned a lot and thought a lot in the reasons I'm out here on a mission. I've gained an appreciation for the time I have out here on my mission.

That's about it for this week! I hope you all have a great upcoming week. I love you all!!


Elder Jaret Kehl


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