January 9, 2017


First Area - Woodburn, OR


Elder Patterson

Week 18

This has been a week of snow and ice...mixed in with some freezing rain and some more snow and ice! :D

This week started out good enough, with a more-or-less normal day on Tuesday. We went to go see a couple of our investigators in Silverton. Really we went to go have a lesson with Juan Miranda, Hermana CC's son. It turned out that he wasn't there, because they were both going to run errands, so we were a little disappointed that we weren't able to meet with him then. We're still working on a plan to get a lesson with him, and we're really excited for his potential. Wednesday we had the opportunity to go on an exchange! Whoot! I was blessed enough to go with Elder Beard to our area. Let me say if there was any a day that has tested us all, it was last Wednesday. Usually we have service every Wednesday with this awesome guy named Jeff, and a correlation meeting with the branch president and branch mission leader about our new investigators, etc. Anyway, in one of my first days actually taking the lead in planning, we had an exchange. I was a little nervous as it was, but I knew things were going to be okay. To add to the craziness of the day, it was about 34 degrees outside not including the windchill. The wind was blowing so ridiculously hard that day, too. Okay, so during lunch, Jeff texted us and let us know that he wasn't working that day, and didn't need our help. So we had to scramble for a couple more hours worth of tracting to plan in. So we go out, Elder Beard and I, and it's so cold that even with all my cold weather gear on I was shivering, and a miracle happened. We ended up, with no plans, having 5 lessons with people in the streets, and handed out 9 or so pictures of Jesus Christ. Then, at dinner correlation got canceled, and again we got stuck for two hours in the cold. We again had two lessons, this time inside, with people we had never been able to meet before. I definitely saw the blessings of the Lord in our lives this week, and I know that when we put in our effort to open our mouths, He will fill them.

The entire rest of the week was pretty normal, until the cars were grounded. Then it became a lot of walking and staying inside the apartment for safety.

I know blessings come to those who are worthy of them. I love you all!


Elder Jaret Kehl


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