December 5, 2016


First Area - Woodburn, OR


Elder Patterson

Week 13

We watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional last night! It was so good!

This week was pretty slow because we did a ton of service. I'm guessing close to 8 hours plus this week. That and a lot of our lessons fell through so it was kind
of hard to stay positive for a couple of days. That being said, there have been a couple fun experiences this week. ☺️

The first happened on Tuesday. So, we were going from appointment to appointment in Gervais and as we were walking along the sidewalk, a police car drove by and the officer looked at us kinda weird. We thought nothing of it and kept walking on. The road we were walking on had a cross street on it ahead of us, and about a minute after we saw him the first time he was parked on the cross street waiting for us. When we got close to him, he got out of his car and asked us if we were selling vacuums. At first we thought he was actually joking, but real quickly we figured out he was for real. We explained to him that
we are missionaries, and even showed him our proselyting cards, but he didn't seem too interested. He told us that since we were going door to door without people knowing we were coming (even though they did in
this case) we had to have a permit to go door to door--even though we aren't salesmen! He ended up taking down our drivers license numbers and everything and said we had to leave Gervais. It ended up getting all
fixed out in the end and we laughed about it a lot with Sister Tateoka.

I'll do better at taking pictures this week so you can see what I'm doing!


Elder Kehl


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