November 28, 2016


First Area - Woodburn, OR


Elder Patterson

Week 12

Thanksgiving was really great! It was fun going to a couple different members houses for food in a single day! We ate lunch with a family at the restaurant Sherie's, not sure if you know it or not. It was wayyy good! :) I had all breakfast food and it was delicious! The best thing by far was the marion-berry pie shake I had! A Marion berry pie shake! It was so yummy! I got an omelet and hash browns, which again, were so yummy! :) It was pretty fun not eating turkey for lunch on Thanksgiving. For dinner we ate at a members house so don't worry mom, we still had Thanksgiving dinner and everything. :) It was an interesting dinner because she is a member but her husband is not...and he was pretty drunk the entire time! :D He was super talkative (he speaks English and she does not), which was different because he's normally quiet. It was funny just listening to the conversation we had with him the entire hour and a half! I'll send the picture we took after dinner.

My last two weeks have been great! There have been rough spots when we've had to drop some of our investigators, it we have also found more prepared people to teach. One thing elder Patterson and I have been working on is using the Book of Mormon better in first approaches with people. The Book of Mormonism really a sieve that allows us to gauge if people are ready to hear the gospel. We've notice how when have the Book of Mormon as our door approach people will either turn us straight down, or be genuinely interested to hear more.

Like I said, we've had to drop a lot of investigators. It actually all happened last night. We went by 3 of our investigators and using the Book of Mormon, shared a message with them. They basically said the same thing "I have the Bible, and that's all I need". Keep in mind these are people we've already met in the streets or whatnot, and we're just finding out now that they're not interested!! That's Spanish missionary work at its finest! :) At the same time, we got a few new investigators last night that we are super hopeful about. Really, the Book of Mormon gauges what people are ready to hear.

Now, for funny stories I have a really fun one. :) Not last week but the week before we were at a members house for dinner. Actually, the mom of a member family fed us and she is not LDS, but lives with her daughter. So we went over to the house for dinner and she gave us bowls that were filled with an oily liquid, a type of corn...maize I think (they were really big kernels) and huge chunks of meat with fat on them. Every piece. Now, guess what the big chunks were. We found out the first bite exactly what we were eating. In Spanish it's called menudo. In English that's cow intestines. Yeah. We may have all looked at each other at the same time and started freaking out. We had to eat it because you can't not eat at someone's house! Ahh! It was so gross! Just thinking about it makes me feel a little sick. :)


Elder Kehl


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