October 13, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Davis

Week 5

HOLY COW! We leave for the field on Tuesday! It´s crazy to think that I have been on my mission for six weeks now! Time has really flown by. I´m really excited to get to the field already though. I feel ready, and as prepared as the CCM can make me at this point. Tomorrow is the worst day in the CCM--10 hours of straight field orientation classes! I might actually die. ;) We´ve been getting a lot of instruction on how to continue learning Spanish when we get to the field, and one of the maestros said the expectation of a missionary is that after their twelve weeks of training, they will (in theory) be ready to be trainers themselves. That really puts the pressure on me and the rest of the new greenies to learn as fast as humanly possible and pray even harder for the Gift of Tongues!

One of my companions, Elder McKell, said that as of right now, there are 32 Spanish speaking missionaries in our mission right now! I absolutely cannot wait! It´s so exciting and I am so ready to preach the gospel to actual investigators!! I feel like I´m saying the same thing over and over, but really, what else is there to say? I´m EXCITED!

This week, our districts favorite other district left for the field, and it has been really hard! Let me explain a little more about that. When you are in the CCM, you are put into a district. My district is B. The district is who you have class with, and spend all of your time with, etc. Then, on Sundays for both Sacrament Meeting and Priesthood Meeting, we meet as a zone. We are in zone 15. My district´s full name is 15B. When we arrive at the CCM, the district who was a week ahead of us, 15A, quickly became good friends with us. We grew really close over the five weeks we had together, and since they had gym time with us, we did sports and had fun together, as well as hanging out with them in their classroom, and during meals. Anyway, they left on Monday and its been almost...dull here at the CCM because its like half of our family is gone. Tuesday is going to be rough when we say goodbye to the rest of our family. I´ll attach the pics of 15A I have and send them.

This is definitely a shorter email, so I´m sorry! This has been a good week for repetition, and lots of teaching and learning Español. My ability to teach in Spanish has skyrocketed, interestingly enough. By no means am I fluent, I´m just able to speak the words I know much quicker and conjugate everything in a way that I wasn´t able to do even last week and earlier this week. All I can say is that the Gift of Tongues is so real. It really seemed more abstract in the beginning weeks of the CCM, but as time has gone on, I realize how much trust we as missionaries put in the Lord to help us learn a language.

Yo se que el evangelio de Jesucristo es el solo iglesia en el mundo que es verdadero. Sin el profeta, Thomas S. Monson, nosotros no tienemos la plentitud de los llevos del sacerdocio. Yo se que yo fue llamado por el profeta de Dios, y yo necisito fui a en Oregon para mi mision. Mediante el Espíritu Santo nosotros podemos saber la verdad de todos las cosas.

I´ll leave you with a scripture:

3 Nefí 5:13

He aquí, soy discípulo de Jesucristo, el Hijo de Dios. He sido llamado por él para declarar su palabra entre los de su pueblo, a fin de que alcancen la vida sempiterna.

I know that I AM a representative of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He has given me power to preach the gospel in His name to His people, who are lost. He WILL stand at my left hand, and on my right and send the Holy Ghost to testify to the people I teach the truth and reality of my message.

I love you all so much!


Elder Kehl


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