October 6, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Davis

Week 4

Today was our second temple trip and it was so amazing!!! Today also marks month one on my mission....its so crazy that it has been four whole weeks! Time has flown by extremely quick and its only going to get faster! Spanish is coming along so well too--I feel like during our lessons that I am able to say what I want to say (for the most part). It confirms to me that the Gift of Tongues is real and that as a missionary I am able to be the recipient of those extraordinary blessings as I am and continue to be exactly obedient to the mission rules.

Like I said, today was our second visit to the temple, and it was such a sweet experience, as it was the last time we attended. Even though the temple is in another country where the main language spoken by the people differs from my own, the Spirit of the Lord speaks one language and is able to communicate through the language barrier. The best part about the whole temple experience is singing hymns in Spanish the entire way to and from the temple, in the middle of Mexico City! You should see the looks we get! ;) 42 missionaries singing in semi-decent Spanish--or worse is pretty great, especially when you add the fact that 90% of us are white Americans. :D

Conference was so amazing! We ended up sitting in an auditorium with all the English speaking missionaries for every session of conference, which was great. My first General Conference as a missionary was a really special experience, especially because I was in the CCM with my district. I really enjoyed the Spirit that Conference brought to the CCM and how the speakers are chosen by God because we need to here what they have to say at this specific point in time for our benefit and growing. While I did catch a lot of speakers who mentioned missionaries, what really stood out to me was how much Repentance was talked about. Even though we are faithful members of the church, there are always things we need to repent for, even if they aren´t major sins or transgressions. I don´t remember who said it, but it was said that we should not go a single day without repenting for the wrongdoings we have committed each and every day. That stuck out to me, probably because right now I am learning a new language and seeking the Gift of Tongues. Preach My Gospel talks about how in order to obtain the Gift of Tongues we must always be improving in our lives and must be at all times worthy and clean. When I made the connection between PMG and the Conference quote something clicked and I knew that this was something I could improve on and take away from Conference. My favorite story is from President Thomas S. Monson, from the Priesthood Session. He told a story of a man during WWII (I think) that was in a battle and being extracted from the beach-head at the dying moments of the battle. The last ship leaving the beach was in such a hurry to leave that they could only throw ropes over the side of the ship for the four men running for the boat. The man from the story found himself dangling 40 feet from the deck of the ship, with an extremely heavy radio from his back. He started to climb, yet when he reached about a third of the way up, his arms were burning with pain and he could no longer go on. He looked down and contemplated his fate, then he prayed to God. In his prayer he said that he had always kept the Word of Wisdom, and if he ever needed the blessings promised to saints therein, he needed them now. Suddenly he experienced a rush of energy and flew up the rope, and upon reaching the deck, his breathing was normal. I love that story because it shows us that as we are obedient to the Lords commandments and instructions that we will be blessed in the very hour that we need help.

All in all, this week has been pretty repetitious, going through classes and lessons and more classes and lessons. However, I have noticed how much this past week my Spanish comprehension and speaking skills have increased. I know that when we are doing what is right and following what we know to be true that God will, through the Holy Ghost, allow us to accomplish the things which he has commanded us to do.

Yo se que si nosotros seguimos el ejemplo de Jesucristo siempre, que Dios bendicirá nos cada tiempo. Y cuando nosotros arrepentirnos despues pescando, que nuestro culpa será nunca por medio de el Expación de Jesucristo.

I love you all so much!!! Until next week!!


Elder Kehl


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