September 29, 2016


Mexico MTC


Elder Davis

Week 3

This has been a pretty great week, all things considering! As of this moment, I would say I'm back to 85% and improving every day. We started teaching two new "investigators" (Our teachers our the investigators) and since our Spanish has improved so much, my compañeros y yo were able to speak more of what we wanted to actually say! Though by no means are we masters at Español...yet ;)

Every Sunday evening all the english speaking missionaries gather in the auditorium and we watch church movies and videos. This past Sunday we watched two. The first was a video of a man named John Tanner, an early convert to the church when it was Restored. He was very wealthy and because of his wealth he was able to help the church save the temple from being torn down. He was then called on a mission and served, even though his family was in a hard spot because they crossed the plains with everyone and were suffering persecution, as did all the saints at that time. I encourage you all to watch the video, and if you do I know it will strengthen your testimony on faith and obedience, as mine has been strengthened. The second video was really hard to watch. It was the Atonement en la jardín de Gestsemaní and Crucifiction of Jesucristo en la cruz. The most powerful part of the video was when Jesucristo fue beaten and whipped, then alone carried his cross to the hill where he would be crucified. It really hit home to me that for ME he was crucified, and that as a representative of Him and holding powers and authority from God to act in His name I will be preaching the life of the Salvador y Rendentor de la tierra to all I meet and come into contact with. It has helped me to more fully realize what I can do as His representative for the next two years, and I would encourage you all to watch that video as well. That one is from the new Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ I believe.

Yo testifico que si nosotros podemos seguir el ejemplo de Jesucristo por siguiendo los mandamientos de Dios, que nosotros seremos bendecía en nuestras vidas. Yo se que los profetas llamando de Dios y ellos hacen la autoridad de Dios--el sacerdocio. Cuando nosotros seguiremos las palabras de las profetas de Dios, Dios bendeciremos nos tanto y nosotros recibiremos la paz, fortaleza por ser defacil cosas, y nosotros tenemos el Espíritu Santo no aveces, pero siempre a tiempo. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

I love you all and miss you tons! Thank you again for all the support and love you give me and for all the prayers in my behalf. They strengthen me and uplift me when I need them the most.


Elder Kehl


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