May 21, 2018


Seventh Area - Newberg, OR


Elder Altamirano

Week 89

This past week was a very spiritual point for me in my life! The highlight of the week was our mission tour with Elder Scott D. Whiting! He and his wife were amazing, and I learned so many things through the Spirit about revelation, missionary work, and answers to the questions I have. He mentioned something at the beginning of the day that stuck out to me. He said that we were meeting together under apostolic with a capital “A” authority. He said that because the prophet or Quorum of the Twelve couldn’t be with us, he was delegated to come in their behalf. He told us to expect revelation and answers to our questions come during the meeting. The meeting was fantastic! And the answers did come. The Spirit was present throughout the entire conference. He taught us about the importance of pondering, and how clearing our minds and thinking deeply about a gospel topic without becoming distracted or going off topic is an important skill and piece of receiving revelation.

Others highlights of the week include our investigator with a baptismal date messaging us to tell us he wants to take time off of work to focus on church and getting ready for his baptism! We also found his sister and taught her the Restoration of the gospel, and she was super open! We’ve continued to find solid families to teach the gospel to, and help them come closer to their Savior Jesus Christ! We had an investigator come to church who is ready for change in her life! Things are going really great in the Newberg SP area!

Some other interesting things went down this week. I’m not sure how else to say this, so here goes! I’m going home early for medical reasons. I’ll be leaving the field in the next week or so, before the end of the transfer. I’ve been having severe groin and stomach pain similar to when I had my hernia for a couple months now. The doctors were able to rule out another hernia, but can’t find a reason for my pain in a way that doesn’t require extensive tests. Tests that can’t be performed on the mission. So, while it’s incredibly disappointing, I am very grateful for all the love and support I have felt from each one of you throughout my 20 months of service to the Lord. I know I served a full-time mission, and that I’m going through this trial for a specific purpose that I can’t see right now, but that will ultimately be for my benefit.

Have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Kehl


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