May 14, 2018


Seventh Area - Newberg, OR


Elder Altamirano

Week 88

Happy Mother’s Day to all those amazing mothers! I am personally convinced that I got the best mom there is, plus the most stellar grandmothers and aunts! 😁

Holy lessons! This past week has been an amazing series of events that has led us from set teaching appointments to unplanned opportunities to teach. Many people we found or spoke with were open and receptive to the message of the restoration of the gospel!

We had an impromptu lesson with the father of one of the families we are currently working with outside one evening, where we had the opportunity to teach him the restoration of the gospel. The foundation of friendship and concern we previously built with him and his family really allowed him to be receptive to the great apostasy and restoration through the prophet Joseph Smith! He loved learning about the Book of Mormon, and how it’s another testament of Jesus Christ. There is something special to me about reciting the First Vision to an investigator, especially in Spanish! We are excited to help him receive an answer to his prayers that the gospel has been restored!

Another incredible experience happened yesterday at dinner with one of the families of the branch. We were invited to their non-member friends home to eat with both families, and in the process shared more with this family about what we do as missionaries, how we are away from them for two years, and how we learn the language, if we do. They were super fun and open with us, and we had a blast getting to know them. Then, after sharing a spiritual message, they invited us back to learn more! Yeah!

We went on exchanges with our zone leaders earlier in the week, and I had an amazing experience. Elder Lemmon (pronounced lem-on) and I were talking about personal revelation and how we have received it personally in our lives. I was talking a lot about my decision to join the Air Force, and I remember saying “yeah, I get random confirmation from the Lord that I’m on the right path.” Just then, we walked around a corner, and five or six houses down the road, we saw a guy outside working on his dirt bike with his family, wearing an Air Force t-shirt. Elder Lemmon said they had talked to him in the past, but he wasn’t interested. We walked over to say hi, and ended up having a great conversation with him for over 10 minutes. The whole time, I had a feeling to ask him what he did in the Air Force (in addition to the desire I had already to ask him), so right before we headed out, I asked. He said he was in Pararescue! It was so cool! 😁 I geeked out for a couple minutes, then totally got his contact information so I can talk to him in the future! The Lord works in mysterious ways! There was no way that was coincidental, especially after having a 15 minute conversation about revelation.

Sweet little experiences like that have really characterized our week. I saw a lot of tender mercies from the Lord, confirming that we are being led and guided to specific people and families within our area who are prepared to receive the restored gospel into their lives! I love one of the themes of this past General Conference: personal revelation. I have seen my personal ability to act on and receive promptings increase as I have studied, pondered, and prayed over those inspired messages. I invite you all to continue to take the guidance of our prophets by continue studying their inspired words until we hear from them again in October. I testify that we are led and guided by living prophets, seers, and revelators.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Kehl


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