April 30, 2018


Seventh Area - Newberg, OR


Elder Altamirano

Week 86

Where do I start this week? We saw a ton of small miracles this past week that have really helped me understand that Heavenly Father is aware of the needs of His children here in our area! We are definitely here in Newberg SP at this time for specific people. The timing is right and the people are ready!

We saw a lot of success with finding new people to teach, and grow our teaching pool! A lot of the time during the day we try stopping by families the branch has asked us to focus on. In conjunction with that, we also talk with a lot of people outside, and visit a lot of the potential investigators the previous missionaries talked with. We have been so busy and involved with the work! Every day has been full to the brim.

We found a former investigator earlier in the week in front of his house, and started talking with him, not knowing he was in our area book. He told us missionaries had taught him in the past, and accepted the invitation to learn more again. The miracle came last night when we were able to enter his home, and share how his young family can be strengthened through living the teachings of Jesus Christ. We explained how they are found in the Book of Mormon, and he accepted the invitation to read from it! We’re going to teach him tonight, and help him start to really progress! The Lord is aware of our efforts, and wants to bless us!

I’ve learned this past week how to be more aware of the Holy Ghost, and how to have the spiritual sensitivity to hear promptings. Preach My Gospel says that we must learn as missionaries the doctrine of conversion. Conversion only comes through the Holy Ghost, and it’s been neat to see how that has started to occur with our investigators who we have been able to teach this past week!

I’m sorry for the lack of pictures! I’m going to make an extra effort to take some this coming week!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Kehl


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