February 5, 2018


Sixth Area - Keizer, OR


Elder Hunziker

Week 74

This was a good week! Elder Hunziker and I went on an exchange on Wednesday with Elder Moore and Elder Tuttle, and had a blast. I stayed in the 1st area with Elder Moore while Elder Hunziker went to their area to be with Elder Tuttle. We were very busy that day! We found so many people to talk to, and a ton of new investigators! That’s kind of been the trend of this past week. We’ve been able to see the miracles across the zone of talking to everyone, and teaching when we find. There’s more faith now than ever among the missionaries, and everyone is excited to work. We’ve found more people this past week than in any other week of my mission! The Lord has blessed us as we put our trust in Him, so we can be the example for the zone. I’ve noticed I’ve grown a lot with Elder Hunziker, and I’m grateful for the example he has shown me. I’ve learned how to be more bold when talking to investigators. I’ve noticed a change in my comfort level even now, and we are able to talk to people on the street. It’s amazing how much easier talking to others becomes when I know how to improve, or different ways of approaching others.

One thing that struck me from our exchange that I learned from Elder Moore is how smiling impacts people. He’s super happy all the time, and smiled a lot! I want to be nicer and more smiley when I’m outside talking with people, and I loved that he was an example for me.

One thing I’ve learned during my personal study this past week is found in 1 Nephi, in the first couple of chapters. Laman and Lemuel were afraid to return to Jerusalem, all because they lacked knowledge. They didn’t understand God’s plan for them and murmured and complained because of that. They lost salvation because they didn’t try themselves to know if what was going on was of God. Nephi and Sam did the exact opposite, and they received eternal life. Confidence in God equals peace during trials, and comfort that all will work out for the good.

I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Kehl


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