January 22, 2018


Fifth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Kersten

Week 72

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I'm getting transferred!! I'm so sad to leave Elder Kersten and the amazing members of the Salem 5th Ward. I'll be headed over to the Keizer zone to be with Elder Hunziker! I'll still be a zone leader, just over a much larger zone! I'm super excited though, because Woodburn is in my zone, meaning I'll go on exchanges with the spanish district leader there! I'll get to speak spanish!

This past week was crazy! We had two exchanges we went on, the first was with the Four Corners Elders. Elder Allen, the district leader, came here to Salem 5th with me for the day. I learned so much from him! He's an amazing missionary, and so great at talking with people! I'm so much better now at talking with people on the streets, and I feel more able to help them understand our message, and what it means for them and their families.Then, later on in the week, we had an exchange with the Creekside Elders! I went to the Creekside area with the junior companion, Elder Holt. He's not quite finished with training, but he's a stud and a workhorse. I was able to teach him a lot of the skills I had learned earlier on in the week from Elder Allen, and we saw great miracles in the Creekside area during those 24 hours. I was so blessed to learn a ton from Elder Holt, and for the great example he is to me of what a strong missionary can do!

Elder Kersten and I have learned together this past week the importance of faith, and the progression faith takes over the course of ones testimony. When we have faith initially, its weak and small. Over time it increases until it becomes a sure knowledge. At that point, it becomes naturally easier to have hope through hard circumstances, because you don't just hope things will be alright, you have a firm knowledge that they will be so. I love the verse in Ether when the brother of Jared talks about how he was able to command a mountain to remove from its place through faith, and because of the knowledge (faith) in God's priesthood power, it obeyed. I think that's how we've been able to work so hard and diligently the past couple of weeks. We have seen the very tangible evidence of the Lord's trust in us, and how he has led and guided us as we have found and taught His children.

I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Kehl


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