January 15, 2018


Fifth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Kersten

Week 71

This week was pretty funny! 😁 It all started on Monday morning. Elder Johnson and I woke up not feeling the greatest. We had stomach pain, and all those fun symptoms. Elder Kersten and Elder Wuthrich were okay at that point, but Elder Johnson and I were feeling pretty bad, but it was P-day, so I had to be okay. To make a long story short, I went downhill fast, along with the other elders, and by 3 o’clock last Monday, we were all back at the apartment asleep. Haha we were that sick! 😊

It turned out we had the stomach flu all at the same time. I can only remember throwing up two times in the last 4 or 5 years, and both times have now been on my mission when I had the stomach bug... it wasn’t a fun experience. We were sick from Monday to about Thursday afternoon hard, and finally felt better around Friday afternoon. So, not a whole lot happened this week.

Friday afternoon we had an exchange with the Salem YSA Elders, Elder Hill and Elder Mitchell. I stayed in our area with Elder Hill, and Elder Kersten went with Elder Mitchell. It was interesting because Elder Hill has only been out for 6 months, yet he’s so solid. It was different than a lot of the other exchanges I’ve been on recently because I didn’t dominate the whole time. It was refreshing to be able to help him improve his missionary work because he was in a position to apply what we talked about. We were blessed to go to work, and find a lot of people to talk to.

Sunday evening after church was our missionary fireside! It’s an event hosted by the stake, and supported by the mission. The missionaries in the stake provided the choir, and President Tateoka and the Stake President provide the talks, along with two recent converts. The goal is to target it towards non-members and have members invite their friends to it. It was a powerful event, where I felt the spirit confirm my testimony of the restoration! Some non-members came too! It was a great evening!

Have a great week! I love you all! This Saturday is Transfers, so by next Monday I’ll know if I stay here for another 6 weeks, or if I’m gone!


Elder Kehl


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