January 8, 2018


Fifth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Kersten

Week 70

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week! Over here in the Salem 5th Area, we killed it! Tuesday was a really good day, and the week went pretty much exactly like it. We got outside right at 10 o’clock, and were able to find a ton of people outside to talk to. We found some potential investigators, and a couple were interested in learning more! How cool is that?? We also got a lot of other tasks done that we needed to do in preparation for an upcoming missionary Fireside the mission and stake are combining for, so that was a burden lifted off our shoulders.

We learned a lot from President and Sister Tateoka, and the Assistants to the President on Wednesday during MLC (mission leadership council) about how to help the missionaries work better with members to find the people God has prepared to hear the gospel. It was awesome! We talked about ways to be effective with it, and how we can then teach what we learned to our missionaries.

The rest of the week blew by! Every day we went out diligently right at 10 am to find people, and the Lord blessed us by putting people in our path. He tested our resolve with a lot of them, too! Most of the people we’ve talked to this week have been people we cross the street to talk with, people we walk into garages to talk with, or people we chase down in some way or the other. 😁 I’ve really been blessed and humbled this past week to understand that God is aware of His children, and if we align our wills with His, he will bless us and give them to us to teach as we show Him we really want it.

Something I came across in personal study earlier this week that really stood out to me was the story of Moroni building the fortifications around the Nephite lands, in preparation for the Lamanites attack. Moroni describes their weakest cities after strengthening them as strongholds and safe places throughout all the land. When the Lamanites come to destroy them, they are struck with fear because of the strength of those cities. In a similar manner, we can build spiritual earthworks and fortifications around our testimonies of the Savior. Then, when spiritually devastating times come, we are able to weather them.

I love you all! Have a great week! ¡Que les vayan bien!


Elder Kehl


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