December 18, 2017


Fifth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Kersten

Week 67

This past week was great! Elder Kersten is so sweet! He plays soccer as well, and we get along so great! He's from Agusta, Georgia, but doesn't have an accent. This past week we've done a lot of street contacting to increase our teaching pool. It's been interesting to see how Elder Kersten and I work as a companionship, how we're different, and how we're the same. We talked to a lot of people, and were blessed by the Lord to find two new investigators this week! We've also been working with the people we do have; helping them progress and develop in the gospel. There's an expereince we had earlier this week with one of the new investigators Elder Chamberlain and I found, named Ken. We met with him on Wednesday morning, and taught him the restoration of the gospel. It made a lot of sense to him, and he really connected well with the story of Joseph Smith. He read the Book of Mormon, and told us he read it and applied what he read to his life! We were super surprised, and stoked to hear that! He's super sweet, and is really searching for answers in his life!

Desiree and Kassandra got the gift of the Holy Ghost too! That was a sweet experience yesterday, and I’m so glad they are now full members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their family really needs that.

A funny (okay, more cool) experience that happened this past week. We were walking home one evening, really close to our apartment complex, when it started raining. Elder Kersten didn’t have a hood on the jacket he was wearing, so he started getting pretty soaked. We passed this one house, and we see a mid-20 year old guy walking towards us. He called out to us, and asked if we needed a ride. At this point, we were 2 minutes away, if that, from our apartment, but we accepted a ride. We had no idea who this guy was, but we were going to find out! He turns to the car in the driveway, and it’s probably the most tricked out looking BMW I’ve ever seen! He has lights under the door handles, and what we learned once we were in the car was after-market Ferrari exhaust system! We got inside, and he had custom red leather seats and a custom fiberglass dash! It was way sweet!

Something I’ve learned this past week from the scriptures is that Christ blesses and gives gifts those who ask for it. I’ve read a lot about Christ’s instructions for seeking and asking, and it’s all up to us and our desires.

I love you all! Merry Christmas! Have a great day!


Elder Kehl


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