December 4, 2017


Fifth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Chamberlain

Week 65

This past week has been so short! I can't believe it's already Monday again! We started the week off with an exchange with the Elders in another district on Tuesday for half the day. Both Elder Chamberlain and I went into the area (so four missionaries were in it) and helped the Elders there focus on and understand how to make an effective contact on the street with people, and overall how to talk with people about the gospel. I got to be companions with Elder Memmott again! Something I realized during that exchange is how lucky and blessed I am to have a companion that I not only get along with, but who I also love and respect.

Zone Conference was this past Friday, and I loved it! We reviewed everything we learned the transfer before about online proselyting, and had a lot of tutorials about how to effectively use our mobile tools! My favorite quote from President Tateoka was "true power lies in the doctrine we teach". Way awesome!

This past week was super rainy and cold, and we struggled to find new people to teach. Then Saturday happened! It was a huge miracle! It was again cold and rainy, but we were determined to get our 10 contacts for the day, so we decided to track. The Lord has a fun sense of humor, because as we were lead to specific neighborhoods to visit, we not only got 10 contacts that day, but we also found four new investigators to teach! We felt very blessed, and knew it was because of our diligence and obedience that the Lord answered our prayer.

Desiree and Kassandra Gonzales got baptized yesterday!! Whoo!! It was such a wonderful experience! It seemed like half the Ward was there to support the Gonzales Family! It was so great! The Spirit was definitely present, and everyone there felt close to Desi and Kassandra! Their primary teachers gave the two talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost, and it was just perfect! I will say the funny part about the baptism was when I had to submerge Desi not once, not twice, but three times! 😂😅 the members and Desi (oh, and my companions!) won't let me forget that any time soon!

I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Kehl


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