November 27, 2017


Fifth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Chamberlain

Week 64

Sorry I didn't send out a big email last Thursday! Thanksgiving was a great time! We went over to the Cook's home for an hour or so for Elder Wuthrich, who plays the drums. The Cook's have a sweet drum set in their basement and invited him over to play! After rocking out in their basement, we spent the rest of the day at the Taylor family's home! It was great! We hung out, played board games, and then had a great Thanksgiving meal! They had the best pie (pumpkin pie from Costco!!) and sweet ice cream too! It was sooo good! :D

These past couple of weeks have been packed! Elder Chamberlain and I have been working hard to find new investigators to teach, and people to share the gospel to! It's been amazing to see how the tools such as Facebook, Light the World, and Mormon beliefs videos! It seems every time we jump out onto the streets, there are always people out and about that we can share the gospel with! What's been difficult, and this is the interesting part I think, is its hard to get return appointments to actually happen with people since its over technology. We're working on ways to figure that out so we are actually able to teach people, and not just have lessons that fall through.

I'll share a couple funny experiences from the past week:
We were walking down the street one day when it was super cold outside, and we hadn't had very many contacts. We saw a lady from afar, and we crossed the sidewalk to get to her and everything. We made it a big deal about making the effort to talk to her. As we walked up and started the initial conversation, we noticed that she was struggling with English, and we though she said she was from Chile. Since we're both Spanish missionaries, we told her we speak Spanish too. She looked pretty surprised, but continued the conversion in Spanish. As we talked, we realized she was also struggling with Spanish. We asked her again where she was from, and she said "soy chino" which means, "I'm from China"...we got super confused! I remember we both stopped and looked at each other, not really sure what we were supposed to do... We ended up giving her a Light the World pass along card in English! :D Yep, two Spanish missionaries in an English area had a conversation with a Chinese lady in Spanglish! We died laughing after she walked away!

Another funny thing (looking back it was funny) that happened over the past two weeks was getting rejected by the same guy we saw on the street! :) Here's what happened: We were walking along in our area in Woodmansee Park, and Woodmansee park has a disk golf course, which we walk along a bunch. Well, we saw a lone guy with his dog playing through, so we decided to talk with him. He saw us coming, and it was apparent he didn't want to talk. We talked to him anyway. :D He was way disinterested, and didn't even accept a Light the World card, or a card about the local nativity the Stake here does! Anyway, that was two weeks ago, and a couple days ago we ran into him, minus the dog, with a couple buddies playing though again, and guess what?? He was the only one of the three of them that didn't take a card from me!! I guess I have a nemesis now. :) We're going to find him again this week, and the third time is going to be the charm!

Dezi and Kassandra (John and Gina's girls) are getting baptized on Sunday!! It's so interesting to see how ready they are to be full members of Christ's church! The adversary is working hard on them to distract them from their goal, yet they have decided as a family to press forward regardless of the many things they are being faced with, of which none are easy. I love the Gonzales Family so much, and I'm so excited for Gina and John to also eventually be baptized! The ward recognizes how important they are, and we are so happy they're on board too! We have a sweet program lined up, and we'll be sure to take lots of pictures!!

I love you all! Have a great week!!


Elder Kehl


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