November 13, 2017


Fifth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Chamberlain

Week 62

This past week was amazing!! We had to take the car into the shop to get somethings fixed, so we've been without a car for the past week. It's been a huge blessing in disguise, because we've been able to talk to so many more people out on the streets! As we've walked (or biked) everywhere we've seen how the amount of contacts has gone up, and we've felt to the world. It's funny how one of the things you want to do on a mission is have people see and know about you, but not in a negative way. That's helped Elder Chamberlain and I feel successful, knowing we're out talking with people all day. The fun part has been stepping out of our comfort zone and really diving into online proselyting! We've learned a lot about using the tools Heavenly Father has given us to further hasten His work.

I get along really well with Elder Chamberlain! He's so great! I'm so humbled to be with someone who I feel knows a lot about being a missionary, and teaching the gospel. I really look up to him, and I know its for a reason that we're both Spanish missionaries together in an English area! He is definitely one of my role models, and someone who I want to learn as much as I can from!

I went on a companion exchange this past week with the companion to our district leader! His name is Elder Mitchell, and he's from Syracuse Utah. He's a new missionary of a couple weeks, and I got to go with him in his area! It was fun to see how he's progressing and adjusting to the mission. He asked me a lot of questions about missionary work and about teaching, and it was definitely strange for me to be on the opposite end of that experience.

Our investigators are doing really well! Unfortunately John and his wife Gina were both taken off date this past week, but their two daughters Dezzy and Cassandra still have baptismal dates for December 2nd. John and Gina have some things to take care of before baptism, and are going to be baptized in the coming year! Yay! I love their family! They're so special to me! Angie and her girls are going strong! Well, Angie more than her girls, but she's doing well! She is also planning on getting baptized next year too! Her daughters are slowly coming around to the church, and seeing how the gospel has blessed their moms life.

Light the World is here again! Like last year, the church is beginning their Christmas campaign, and the official starter video rolls out on November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving. There will be a video every day that will suggest ways of serving others in the community. President Tateoka's vision is we use technology to Light the World and flood the internet with the Light of Jesus Christ. So, I challenge each one of you to participate in Light the World, and share your experiences from each day over Facebook or other social media. Take pictures and videos, then post your experiences there, and, here's the important part: challenge someone else to participate in the next day! So every day a non-member or less active is being challenged to help you give service around the Christmas season!

I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Kehl


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