November 6, 2017


Fifth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Chamberlain

Week 61

This week I really thought I was going to do a better job taking pictures and/or videos...but I really failed on that end. One thing that has been really strange for me this past week with transfers is that I'm in a new area, (same ward and apartment and everything), but I know the investigators we've been working with, since Elder Chamberlain and Elder Hunt would talk about them all the time to us! Crazy!

This has been a week for the record books! Elder Chamberlain and I are together now, and we've really been going to town to meet the goals we have for our area. We've been teaching a man named John and his family for a couple of months now (missionaries in general) about the gospel. They're super prepared, and doing great things like coming to church and meeting with us. John even bore his testimony not yesterday, but last fast and testimony meeting that he knows this church is true! As of this past week, his wife Gina and their two daughters Dezy and Cassandra all accepted invitations to be baptized on December 2nd! John himself is preparing to be baptized next December! This family is so special! They are so ready for the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives! They all came to church yesterday, and had a wonderful experience! They're beyond golden! We're currently working with them to prepare them for their baptismal dates. We've been working with another investigator named Angie, too. Angie has been meeting with the missionaries for a couple of years, but only recently has she been reading from the Book of Mormon daily, and truly seeing how it blesses our lives. She is super great, and plans on being baptized early next year sometime! She bore her testimony of the Book of Mormon yesterday during Sacrament Meeting, and I felt the Spirit so strongly when she went up. Even though she was super nervous to bear her testimony, it was HUGE for her, and helped her feel a confirmation that she truly does know that what we have been teaching her is true.

Elder Chamberlain and I have tried to really pick up the pace when it comes to finding new investigators this past week. We set our goal, and started working towards it. But, since we have so many people we are in daily contact with, like Angie or John's family, we noticed it was hard to get lots of unplanned contacts and talk with people. Saturday was a great day for finding, though. We went out in the rain and started tracking on some of the streets I've never visited before, and ended up talking to a bunch of people, and finding a couple of new investigators to begin to teach! We also began reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover with Angie, John and his family, and a bunch of recent converts and less active members, plus some regular members too! It's been great to see how technology has played such a huge role in our week! I can honestly say I'm so happy we were ready to become a technology mission when we were, because its been one of the biggest ways for us to teach and help people come closer to Jesus Christ. We were able to have a lesson with Gina, John's wife over Facebook messenger this past Friday, and really helped her resolve a lot of the question and concerns she had! Then, later that day, we Skyped in a member for Angie's lesson, and she was instrumental in helping Angie bear her testimony at church yesterday!

This week as we began reading the Book of Mormon again, a verse stood out to me that hadn't before. 1 Nephi 5:8 talks about Sariah understanding why we have to go through hard things sometimes. That we only receive a witness that what we have gone through is for our benefit after the trial of our faith. The Lord gives us power and the ability to lean on Him through our hard times, so when we complete them we are able to see the growth that came from it, and gain the testimony that what we pass through is truly for our benefit.

Have a great week! I love you all!


Elder Kehl


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