October 30, 2017


Fourth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Johnson and Elder Chamberlain

Week 60

Holy canole! This week has blown by! It may have been because we went on two exchanges... To me, whenever they happen, time just seems to fly by. The first exchange happened on Tuesday, with one of the district leaders (Elder Bills) and his companion (Elder Crandell). They're in the Creekside area, and blowing it out of the water! I went to the Creekside area with Elder Crandell, who has been out about three months, and we had a blast! They're in a walking and biking area only, so it was super fun to be on foot all day. I'll admit, I was exhausted after all that walking. 😊 I'm so privileged to have a car! 😉 One thing I learned from my time together with Elder Crandell is how to improve the quality of my street contacts. I learned how to use the pamphlets and other resources we have available to enhance the way we teach on the street. That's one of the reasons I love exchanges! I always learn so so much! We taught a lesson to one of their investigators named Unique, and the Spirit was overwhelming. As we taught her the restoration of the gospel, especially about the First Vision, I felt the Spirit testify to me that Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I love teaching!!

The next day we exchanged back, and Elder Chamberlain and I went immediately to the next exchange we had lined up, with another companionship within our zone. We did what's called a "power exchange", where instead of having one companion from each companionship in both areas, like normal, we had all four of us in a single area! It was nuts! We talked to so many people that day, and really helped the missionaries in that area learn and talk through the difficulties they've been facing. They also have a walking and biking area, and man, can Elder Gibson walk! He's a couple inches taller than I am (I'm pretty much the shortest Elder in the mission! 😂) but can walk so fast! I was basically jogging alongside him all day just to keep up! That night we exchanged back, since we only did a 6 hour exchange, and went immediately to our Ward Harvest Festival, which was a blast! There was chili, cornbread (yum!), and tons of people in great costumes! We even had our investigator James come! He loved it so much, and had great fellowship from the ward!

We got transfer calls on Saturday night, so that was a night full of suspense! I'm getting transferred! I'm going from one side of the apartment to the other. 😉 No joke! I can't remember if I already told you or not (sorry!), but in our ward--Salem 5th Ward--we have two companionships. Elder Chamberlain, who's the other zone leader, and I aren't companions, since we're both training. So, whats happening tomorrow is Elder Johnson is staying in the Salem 5th-B area to train(!!!), our area, while I jump over to the Salem 5th-A area. Elder Chamberlain and I will be companions, and his companion is getting transferred to a city called McMinnville! I'll be in the same ward, with slightly different investigators. Its crazy!!

Other than that, it's been a great week! We've found some amazing Investigators, one we had to refer, sadly. Other than that, the work has been great!

Alma 8:30 and 32 stood out to me this past week: "And Alma went forth, and also Amulek, among the people, to declare the words of God unto them; and they were filled with the Holy Ghost. And they had power given unto them, insomuch that they could not be confined in dungeons; neither was it possible that any man could slay them; nevertheless they did not exercise their power until they were bound in bands and cast into prison. Now, this was done that the Lord might show forth his power in them. And it came to pass that they went forth and began to preach and to prophesy unto the people, according to the spirit and power which the Lord had given them." It struck me that as I go out to declare the word of the Lord among the people of Salem, that I am given that same power. Because I am teaching according to the Spirit, and the power the Lord has given me to the best of my abilities, I am filled with the Holy Ghost. I know this is the work of Salvation; the Lords work. He has called me to Salem for very specific people, to help them understand more about Christ, and the Fathers plan for them. There is no other place I would rather be, because I know the Lord is using me here for good.

Have a great week! I love you all!


Elder Kehl


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