October 23, 2017


Fourth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Johnson and Elder Chamberlain

Week 59

This past week was a blur! Elder Johnson and I were sick... It all started Monday night: we went to an Investigators home for dinner, which was super awesome! All four elders bonded with John and his family over fried chicken! 😁 After dinner was when I started feeling the chills, and got super achy and tired, so we figured something was up (I always seem to start with the sickness, for some reason, too!). Anyway, we had a lesson with a newer investigator named Shelly afterwards, and taught her the restoration! It was a Spirit-filled lesson for sure! Shelly accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, as well as our invitation to read from and pray about it! We were able to get her Facebook info, so we've been able to stay in contact with her, too! After that, we ended the night, and popped the only medication we had at the apartment--ibuprofen.

We woke up the next morning super sick with flu/cold symptoms, and at least one of us had a fever. Yay! From Tuesday to Saturday we were pretty nocturnal! 😅 I've never slept so much in my life! We were averaging 16 hours each day, with napping in between. Needless to say, we didn't have a fun time. We went to Walgreens one day to get cold and flu medication, but that's about it. 😊

By Saturday we were almost back to full health, and started being missionaries again! Saturday happened to be pouring the entire day as well, but not even the classic Oregon weather could dampen our spirits! We walked to the various people we wanted to contact, and ended up finding some people outside! One experience makes me laugh in hindsight:

We had been outside for a couple of hours at this point, and were plodding along, just doing our thing, hadn't talked to anyone in a while, and all of a sudden, we see this guy standing in his garage! Gold mine! We run over, introduce ourselves, and start talking with him. His name was Brian! He's goes to the Jehovah Witness church. He was pretty nice, and we actually had an adult conversation with him! Quick detour! So we're having a Harvest Festival... party on Thursday, so we've been pushing invitations all over the place! So, we finish talking with Brian, and I invited him to the Harvest Festival! I think I said it was "a Halloween party for the community", or something like that. He said no, and we walk away. Elder Johnson turned to me and started laughing. I was pretty confused, and all he got out was "Elder Kehl, you just invited a Jehovah's Witness--who doesn't believe in or celebrate holidays--to a holiday party!" 😅😊 oops? We had a good laugh over it! 😂

That's about it for this past week! We had one of our investigators named James come to church, which was great! He's beginning to understand how revelation comes through church attendance, which is helping him understand why church is so essential! We're pumped for him! Oh, transfer calls are this Saturday, so we're preparing for anything! I don't even know if I'll stay here or not, there's no guessing after last transfer! Fingers crossed!

Have a great week! I love you all!


Elder Kehl


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