October 16, 2017


Fourth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Johnson and Elder Chamberlain

Week 58

Zone Conference happened this past week, and Holy Cow, we learned a lot! We learned all about online proselyting, and how that's going to start being implemented in the mission. We received an updated chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel, and got additional pages for the missionary handbook regarding mobile devices! We're going to be authorized to use Facebook and messenger, starting in a couple of weeks! Crazy crazy! Right after Zone Conference, we went on companion exchanges with the Assistants to the President, and guess who one of them was? Elder Patterson, he was my trainer in my first area! It was so epic! They could only stay for a couple hours, unfortunately, but we learned so much about how we can implement all the things we learned earlier that day, and I got to hang out with my trainer!!

Kadyn's baptism was on Saturday!! Oh my goodness, it finally happened!! The baptism started, and it felt so surreal! I definitely thought something was going to pop up at the last minute and cancel it or something equally crazy, but it happened! Elder Johnson baptized him, and when he went under the water, I felt so at peace. I knew Kadyn was doing the right thing, and that we had done a good job preparing him for that moment. I'm so proud of him for making that decision! In spite of inviting all of our investigators to his baptism, none of them were able to come, which was a little disappointing, since they missed out on that special event. All is well, because Kadyn is finally a member of the church! Saturday also happened to be Elder Chamberlain's birthday! After the baptism, we went out to eat at a restaurant called Sherries, and got delicious pie shakes! Marion berry all the way! :D We were so stuffed!

There were a ton of people at church on Sunday, since the primary program was in full force! There had been a wedding the previous day in the cultural hall, so we couldn't open the accordion doors like we normally do. The bishop got up and asked everyone to smash together, so everyone could get sitting space. It was more than a full house! It was also the day that Kadyn was confirmed a member! I had the opportunity to be the voice for that confirmation, and the power of the Spirit was definitely there. He is such a great young man, and will do great things in the Deacon's Quorum! We're excited to get him to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! We've got big plans ahead for him.

All in all, its been a wonderful week! Lot's of good things have happened, and Elder Johnson and I are excited for this coming week!

Have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Kehl


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