October 9, 2017


Fourth Area - Salem, OR


Elder Johnson and Elder Chamberlain

Week 57

We have a baptism this coming Saturday!! Our investigator named Kadyn is getting baptized!! He's so amazing, and ready to make that covenant with Heavenly Father! Elder Johnson and I started teaching Kadyn the first couple of nights in our area, kinda going in blind, since we didn't know what the previous elders had taught him, or anything. We ended up committing him to baptism on October 14th (next Saturday), he is! He was already super prepared when we began teaching him, but we've been able to finish all the lessons with him, and help him prepare himself for the baptismal interview this week, in preparation for Saturday! He'll be in with the Deacons, since that's his age group, and we're really excited for all the awesome young men in the ward to really get to know him. Plus the stellar youth leaders, especially in the young men! All we have to do now is help him prepare for Saturday!

In addition to having Kadyn prepare for baptism, this week Elder Johnson and I have been getting out and contacting lots of people on the streets, to try and find the Lord's lost sheep, who are prepared to hear the message of the restoration! Some times this past week it was tough to keep talking to person after person who rejected us, or who was super rude to us. Elder Chamberlain and I had an exchange with one of the district leaders and his companion, Elde Petersen. We were both in a trio with Elder Petersen here, in Salem 5th, while our companions went with Elder Bush. That day especially, it seemed like we talked with people who only wanted to prove us wrong in some way. One lady in particular began talking with us as she waited for her kids to get off the bus for school, and really wanted to bash. I can't remember what she was saying, but I remember feeeling like she only talked to us so she could try to prove us wrong. She ended the conversation by giving me a weird side hug, and walking away. Yeah... it was weird. 😁 All day we had contacts like that!

Sunday was pretty hectic! Kadyn came to church, and we had a great fast and testimony meeting! An investigator named John, who is being taught by Elder Chamberlain and Elder Hunt got up and bore his testiomny that he knew the church was true! We were making eye contact with the other elders, and all of us couldn't believe it! We ran to class, talked with people, and saw an investigator who we referred to another ward at our ward.... 😅 after elders quorum, we came back to the apartment to change out of suits, and got to work. Dinner was so delicious with the Moulten Family! Afterwards, we got down to work again! Elder Chamberlain and I planned a little for zone conference on Friday. Then, we rushed back to the apartment...and locked our car keys in the car... yeah... We came out and tried unlocking the car, only to realize the key fob that unlocks the car was sitting inside on the center console. We spent around 15 minutes trying to get back into the car, though it didn't work very well... someone from the mission office came by this morning with the extra key to unlock it for us.

This past week, we also had a meeting as leaders in the mission, where we got taught how to begin using technology in preparation for the upcoming zone conference this Friday! Basically, Elder Chamberlain and I have been using Facebook this past week to teach investigators over social media, and its been super amazing! We were able to have a full lesson over Facebook during our exchange on Friday, which was so cool! It was a testimony that the Lord is hastening His work in His way, and I'm so glad I get to be a part of it here in the OSM!

I was reading in Alma 5 yesterday, when the Lord is talking about Christ being the good Shepard, and how as we follow Him and become the people of His church, we are numbered among his flock. Then, in verse 44, Alma says for that purpose was he called to the work. To help Christ gather the sheep who are lost, and bring them back to the fold. That same purpose is something we all share with Alma. As members of the church we are called, and expected to help our brothers as sisters find the light of the gospel.

Hasta luego! Have a great week!


Elder Kehl


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