September 11, 2017


Third Area - Lebanon, OR


Elder Ketchum

Week 53

Zone Conference happened this past week! Holy revelation time! President and Sister Tateoka focused their training--all of zone conference--from chapter 10 of Preach My Gospel. Its the section titled How Can I Improve My Teaching Skills, and we focused on the role of the Book of Mormon. How when we use the Book of Mormon more, it validates that our message is true. We did lots of role-playing to start integrating what we learned. Overall, Elder Ketchum and I were super excited to return to our area, and implement what we had learned.

Our investigators are all doing really well! I've seen the Lord bless us as we've been obedient to the mission rules, worked hard, and obeyed the promptings that we received. Doors have been opened to us, figuratively and literally, and we've been able to share the gospel with many new people this last week.

One thing I've noticed is how I've been a little futuristic this past week, since I recently hit my year mark. I've caught myself thinking ahead, to when I won't be a missionary, and begin the rest of my life, which is dangerous. Well, not dangerous, but I find myself getting distracted from being a missionary, which is definitely not the best thing to have happen. I've been working with Elder Ketchum to help him help me not get distracted.

One thing I've noticed is how when we've opened our mouths to talk with people about the gospel, we always, always find something to testify of. Someone will always say something in our conversations that we can weave into the gospel, and then bear testimony of it. It's been incredible to see how important being prepared is, and how grateful I am that we have so much time to prepare ourselves spiritually each morning, so we can face the spiritual shafts and whirlwinds that are facing us.

I know the Lord is aware of our individual needs and circumstances, and that as we lean and rely on Him, we are strengthened. We are able to overcome anything that is put in our paths, and we learn and grow to become the people He knows we can become.

Have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Kehl


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