September 20, 2016


Marcos Juarez


Elder Ferreyra

Week 61 - Marcos Juarez

Hey Everyone!

Sorry that I haven´t been able to write the last few weeks, things have been crazy with transfers and all that!

This was my first week with my companion, Elder Ferreyra and it went pretty well. We have 2 investigators that are progressing really well - Gonzalo and Adela. Gonzalo is 9 years old and he came to church BY HIMSELF this week! I was amazed!!!! The kid is such a stud and is soooooo excited for his baptism this Saturday. Adela is the 74 year old that we have been working with a lot. She wasn´t able to come to church this week because her son took her to a "Curandero," which is a guy that uses "magic" to heal people. Adela has a lot of problems with her foot so her son took her there to heal her foot. Fortunately it didn´t do anything and she had to go to the doctor the next day because it was worse haha. She´s tough because she got baptized in an Evangelica church years ago and she says they tried to drown her, so she is really hesitant to be baptized again. She is coming to the Gonzalo´s baptism this Saturday to see if she wants to be baptized! Hopefully everything goes well!

The main challenge that I have right now is that my comp is from Buenos Aires and talks soooooo much slang! I barely understand him! haha. The good part is that he can relate really well to the people here because before his mission he was addicted to drugs, alchohol, and all that good stuff so he really knows how to help the people here escape all those vices. It´s pretty cool!

The 4 hermanas in my district have really been struggling to teach and find investigators these past few weeks so it´s been a challenge to motivate and excite them about the work, but things are getting better! Oh also, I´ve been sick for the past 2 weeks and I´m FINALLY getting better!
Thanks for all the love, prayers, and support! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Bushman


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