September 6, 2016


Marcos Juarez


Elder Barahona

Week 59 - Marcos Juarez

Hey Again!!!

I don`t have much time today so here are the highlights of the week:
We had investigators in church!!!! Ailen, the girl that recently got baptized got confirmed and Adela, a 74-year-old lady that we`ve been teaching came and LOVED church! We also had a HUGE miracle because a mom that got baptized with her family when she was 8 went inactive when she was young, but now she is 35 years old and has two kids! She showed up at church because she said they had a dream that her whole family was in a big cloud of darkness and she was responsible for saving all of them so she brought us her 9 year old son and asked if we could teach him and baptize him!!!!! It was unbelievable!!! She also has 2 nephews that she says want to get baptized so we are gonna work with them too! She just showed up at church out of nowhere and it was sooooo amazing!

Our mission president changed ALL the rules of the mission this week from what Pres. Alliaud used to have - now we have p-day on Tuesdays, we can`t listen to music at all, not even MoTab, no more movies, no more taxis, etc. The whole mission was shocked today to see that, but he is our leader and he knows what`s best for us! So even though it will be more of a challenge now, we will see many more blessings from being obedient!

My companion received an anonymous letter from another missionary this week that was the worst thing I`ve ever seen written in my life... literally! It dropped the F-bomb and said really bad things about my comp and so my comp has felt horrible this week and is wanting to go home to Guatemala.. it`s been a challenge, but it just made me so upset to see that another missionary would write something like that. They don`t realize the consequences and it got me pretty fired up! haha. And it takes a lot to get me fired up! But yeah, that was the bad part of the week!

Other than that, things are great here in my area! We have transfers at the end of this week so we`ll see who my new comp is! Thanks for all the love and support! I love all of you guys! Have a great week! Ciao!

Elder Bushman


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