August 23, 2016


Marcos Juarez


Elder Barahona

Week 57

Hola Todos!!!
This week was pretty normal for the most part with a bunch of miracles here and there. Things are much better with my companion and we are really enjoying serving together and have become really good friends, so that`s been super important to have success!

One big miracle that happened is that on Tuesday we were street contacting in the villa and we saw a kid waiting by himself at a bus stop so we went up and started talking to him. His name is Hector and turns out that he`s a member that got baptized 5 years ago when he was 12 years old, but he went inactive really fast. Later in the week we passed by his house, met the family and we are working a ton with them. We passed by on Saturday with a member to invite them to church and after a lot of convincing, we got the mom (who also got baptized) to commit to go with her whole family. On Sunday we went and the mom and all her kids had to leave because it was "El Dia del Niño" or "The Day of the Kid" here in Argentina and they left for a fiesta, but Hector came to church with us and loved it! We don`t have a single priest in the branch so it is super important that we help him to reactivate and he also has a sister that is 9 years old that can be baptized. The miracle was that after we passed by their house on Saturday, the whole family sat down together and read the Book of Mormon for hours and the 9 year old girl read THE ENTIRE DAY!!!!! We only invited them to church, we didn`t hardly talk about the Book of Mormon so it was a HUGE miracle and the family is pumped to reactivate!!!!!

Another miracle that we had is with Ailen and Ignacio, a 9 & 10 year old that we`ve been working with for about a month now. We have been teaching the family a ton but the parents don`t really want anything to do with the church, but we had a big spiritual moment and asked the dad if we could help the 2 kids to be baptized and he said YES!!!! The have come to church the last 2 Sundays and we are preparing their baptism for this Friday! The kids are truly special and it`s amazing how well they can recognize the spirit!!!! Our branch president says that they can`t get baptized without the parents though and says we aren`t having the baptism this week so we are praying that he will understand and change his mind. (He`s afraid that they will just get baptized and then inactivate right after, but we have a ton of people going and visiting them and they are helping us a bunch). So hopefully the baptism happens this week and that we can convince our president that it`s the right thing to do!

This week we having been fighting for new investigators and it`s been a struggle. Our whole zone struggled this week so my district did a fast together to help us out and we were able to see even more miracles.

Also, we are now taking the list of members with us everywhere we go so that we can find incomplete families and update the list at the same time, and we have found more members that have died than those that want to return to the church... haha. Seriously, we found out that 7 members have died in the last few months and nobody knew because they were inactive! But yeah, that`s about it for us this week. It was a much better week than we`ve had in the past and we have a really solid group of progressing investigators so we are hoping to baptize many in this next month!

I love the church so much and I love seeing how it blesses the lives of the people that live its teachings! This kid Hector that we found this week was able to recognize the Spirit so fast and he knew it was something that he has been lacking in his life and that`s why he`s so stoked to return to the church! He`s a future missionary too! :) It`s amazing how the Lord works, seriously! I love being a part of this work every day and we see soooooo many miracles! I hope you all have a great week and that all is well at home! Ciao!

Elder Bushman 1 Nephi 1:20 :)


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