July 26, 2016


Marcos Juarez


Elder Barahona

Week 53 - Marcos Juarez - Finally met my new mission president

Hey Again!

Sorry I didn´t write yesterday, we were in another city, Leones, all day and never had the opportunity to email.

This week was full of a lot of ups and downs but things are getting better here in Marcos Juarez. Not too much happened this week, the biggest thing was our primary activity last Saturday. There are only 6 primary kids in the branch here but we brought 4 investigators to the activity and the Primary President had her hands full! My companion and I were on day-care duty for 2 hours... oh my gosh it was so hard! The kids went insane in the church and it was such a struggle to keep them under control! It was good though because it was all the kids of a family of 6 that we´ve been working with for weeks. The kids loved the activity and now really want to come to church and be baptized! Only 2 of the kids are above 8 years old but we are hoping to get them wet in 2 weeks!

This week was mainly just a week of finding new investigators. We had our fair share of getting yelled at and cussed out (the bad thing is that now I understand the swear words in Spanish..) but we found a handful of awesome new investigators that are progressing! Marcos Juarez hasn´t had too many baptisms here in the past few years so we´re gonna change that this coming transfer!

Last thing, I read the Ricciardi Letter again this week. It is literally the best thing any missionary can read to motivate them! It got me so pumped to be more courageous and talk to EVERYONE! This week it helped me so much in everything! If you haven´t read it yet, please do! It´s unreal!!!!
Thanks for all the prayers and support! I love you all and hope that all is well! Have a great week! PROVERBS 3:5-6, this scripture is AMAZING! Read it! Ciao!

Elder Bushman

I asked him what he did in Leone and this is what he said:
Oh and in Leones we celebrated Christmas! It was pretty fun with Christmas music and more food than I could ever dream of. We did a Secret Santa too and I got an Argentina tie that was way cool!


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