July 18, 2016


Marcos Juarez


Elder Barahona

Week 52 - Marcos Juarez, Argentina

Hey Family and Friends!

This week we FINALLY had a breakthrough! If you´ve been reading my past few emails, you know that these first 3 weeks in my new area have been pretty difficult with finding people to teach, but we trusted in the Lord and as always, he came through! We just have to suffer through some afflictions first and then Heavenly Father blesses us. Patience, patience, patience.

So the whole week we were basically traveling which didn´t help but it´s always kinda fun too. On Monday we had a P-day with the Zone in Bell Ville (the stake where our ZLs are) and then Wednesday we had a District Meeting in Bell Ville and then Saturday the hermanas in my district had a baptism so we were gone all day Saturday too! So we only had about 3 solid days to work in our area this week... the best news is that we FINALLY FIXED OUR BIKES!!!!!! Walking just isn´t efficient at all and even though my bike is from the 60s and doesn´t hardly work, we can visit waaaaay more people now! I sent a video of us on our bikes so you can see them.

So Saturday was our day of miracles. In the morning we went to visit an investigator and she totally hid from us in her house and we realized she clearly didn´t want anything so we decided to contact the house in front of hers. When a lady came out of the door, she said "Hola Elderes, Pasen!" We were amazed, that never happens! haha. Turns out there lives a couple that have been members since 30 years ago and they haven´t returned to the church because nobody visits them and they said because we finally visited them, they are coming back to church and they want to be ward missionaries and leave on a mission in a year!!!!! And they are totally sincere about it too! Heavenly Father totally guided us there and it was just amazing to be a part of the Lord´s work in that instance.

Then for lunch on Saturday I made Arroz Chaufa (my fave food from Peru) and it turned out amazing! My rice never turns out good but on this one it was unreal, so mom you should be proud of me. My comp thought I was so weird cuz of how happy I was with it haha.

Then after lunch we visited a lady that told us she needs the word of God in her life right now. We got there right as she got home from something and we had a solid hour lesson and she basically poured out her whole life story on us and she is like a golden investigator now! She has a super sketch past life but she loves how she can repent and start a new life in the church!

After that we went to Leones, another city in my district, for the baptism of Camila (the girl I interviewed a few weeks ago that I told you guys about). I baptized her and it was sooooooo spiritual! There are few moments in my mission that I have felt the spirit as strong as I did when I baptized her, it was an experience I´ll never forget!

Then Sunday came and we had the highest attendance that Marcos Juarez has seen in years! (52) We had a few investigators there and we have a good chance of baptizing at the end of the month!!!!! It´s amazing how just one week ago we were struggling so hard to find just one investigator to teach and now we are being extremely blessed! Oh, and my companion is much better and we get along great now! I love the mission so much because of weeks like this because I get to be a part of the Lord´s work and see the amazing ways of how he gets things done. It´s incredible!

Thanks for all the support and prayers, they were definitely answered this week! I hope you all have a great week! Ciao!

Elder Bushman


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