July 4, 2016


Marcos Juarez


Elder Barahona

Week 50 - Marcos Juarez, Argentina

We didn’t get an actual weekly email from him today. I think he was in a hurry and forgot so here are some snippets of some things he wrote in his personal emails to us. He’s still nervous to be a district leader but he’s also excited and he really likes the sister missionaries that he is responsible for.
Yeah, things are pretty good here. We don´t have too many people to teach so it´s been a week of just trying to find people... the weather hasn´t been too good here lately either so that doesn´t help but oh well.
It´s weird because it´s the fourth of July today but it´s just a normal day here. I thought recently that in the next package you send, can you send me a flag of the United States? I´d like that a lot! Something to put in our pension! haha. I sent a video of my pension today, it´s a pretty nice one! All we need is a washing machine and we´d be set! haha. It´s above a carniceria (meat market) and across the street from a Chinese supermarket.
We asked him if he has met his new mission president yet and this was his reply: nope, still haven´t met my President yet... we´re hoping we have a big conference with the whole mission soon but I don´t know.
Also, I´ve heard that if you go to "La Brioche" in Orem, it´s an Argentine place with facturas so if you wanna try what I eat every day, you guys could go there for FHE or something. It has good reviews! Here the facturas are like 30 cents but they are probably a little more expensive there haha. But you guys should try it some day! I´ll definitely be going there when I get home!


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