July 3, 2016


Marcos Juarez


Elder Barahona

Week 49 - Marcos Jaurez, Argentina

Hey Everyone!
What a week it has been!!! This whole week it was a challenge getting to know the area, the members, and finding investigators but it was a solid week! Here is what I think of my new area: It is soooooo rich! There are a ton of 2-story houses (which is super rare in Argentina) and everyone has nice cars. It´s nothing like any of my other areas, so it´s taken a bit to get used to. Since everyone here is rich, the food and everything is expensive which kinda stinks but I definitely love the feel of being in my own little town and not sharing it with other missionaries! Us 2 missionaries here are the difference-makers for if the branch grows and progresses or not. It´s gonna be a fun challenge and I can´t wait to spend the next 4-6 months here!

It has been a little hard with my companion because in our branch, we are the secretaries so we do all the tithing, programs, and a bunch of stuff for what the branch needs. It takes time and my companion and his old comp focused mostly on that every day instead of being out on the streets looking for people that want to be baptized so he´s in the habit of wanting to go on the computer every day. It´s been a struggle to get us out on the streets to proselyte but I´m trying to do it in a loving and caring way. It´s a struggle though...

The good news is that I spent a lot of time going through our branch list of members and I found 15 families that are incomplete (the parents are members but the kids aren´t). Those are the easiest baptisms that there are so we are gonna try to visit all of them this week! It´s tough to come to an area where they don´t have any investigators and you have to start from scratch but it´s a work in progress!

This week I gave my first presentation in my district and it went really well so I have been stoked about that! I also went to Leadership Training meetings yesterday (Monday, that´s why I didn´t write..). I learned sooooo much and now I´m so happy that I get to be a district leader of 4 sister missionaries because I can really help them to be better missionaries and progress a lot! I´m so stoked! Yesterday we also played soccer with President and all the leaders in the mission and it was SO FUN. President plays really well and it was fun to play with him! I had a few opportunities to go one-on-one with him and score on him so it was good :) haha

Anyway, that´s all for this week! I´m still getting used to my new situation and next week hopefully I have a bunch of good investigators to tell you all about! Thanks for all the prayers and support, they help soooooo much! I love being a missionary and helping people come unto Christ! The Gospel is the key to happiness in all things and it´s so cool to share that with people and see them really change their lives! Les quiero muchisimo y espero que tengan una buena semana! Cuidense! Caio!

Elder Bushman


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