May 23, 2016


Central Cordoba


Elder Manzanete

Week 44 - Sabrina's Baptism!

Hola Familia y Amigos!!!

Another amazing week in the books! We continue to have a ton of success here in La Madrid; it´s unbelievable how much Heavenly Father has blessed us!! So by far the best part of the week was our BAPTISM!!!!!! A girl 13 years old named Sabrina got baptized and it was unreal! Her story is amazing because her parents aren´t members and aren´t too happy about her decision, but they gave in and signed the baptismal form (because people under 18 need permission from parents). She has progressed so much from when we found her and she is super, super happy to be a member. Her brother is also a member and was able to baptize and confirm her so that was really neat too!

We were supposed to have 3 baptisms but the other 2 had problems with the parents - Gaston (15 years old) couldn´t get permission from his parents... we had a long lesson with the whole family but they think he is rushing so they wouldn´t let him get baptized (his parents aren´t members either). Uriel, the other kid that was supposed to get baptized, waited because his parents worked and wouldn´t have been able to make it so now it´s this Saturday! It´s huge because his family is inactive since 15 years ago and Uriel´s baptism will definitely help them reactivate. They all want to go to church again but ALL their kids play soccer on Sunday morning... they are sponsored cuz they are way good too so they aren´t too willing to give up soccer for church :( It´s too bad!) But yeah, so now this Saturday we will have 2 more baptisms!!!!

Another amazing part of the week is that we are helping a family (the Sayas family) reactivate. They have been inactive for 4 or 5 years, but the Dad has been in the Stake Presidency, bishop, and the mom has been Relief Society President and Young Women´s President. I don´t know how they ever went inactive but they have a kid 8 years old that still hasn´t been baptized and cousins of 9 and 11 years old that haven´t been baptized either! So we have a fecha for June 4th for those three as well!

Another miracle was this Sunday! We had SIX investigators at church!!!!! It was unreal! Our investigators that are getting married on July 1st and baptized July 2nd went and then we had a HUGE miracle! A girl that has been inactive for 9 years went to church with her 9 year old daughter. Apparently this 9 year old girl has wanted to go to church for a long time and get baptized! So we are going to teach her this week and baptize her on June 4th too!!!! It was like a free gift from God, we were soooooo happy!!!! haha. Man, this week was just so unbelievable!

We are having struggles visiting all our investigators though because our area is GIANT and we spend a ton of time walking. We never get to visit all the people we plan for in a day... if only we had bikes!!!! haha. Anyway, basically life is awesome here! Today we deep-cleaned our pension too so now we don´t almost die every time we walk into the pension! haha.

Thanks for all the support and prayers! I love being a missionary, it´s the best thing ever! The best part of being a missionary is getting to see people literally change their lives through baptism like Sabrina did this week! It´s a joy and happiness that you can´t get anywhere else!!!!

Elder Bushman


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