April 25, 2016


Central Cordoba


Elder Manzanete

Week 40 in Central Cordoba (La Madrid)

Buenos Dias!!!!!!

We had another unbelievable week this week!!!!! I am amazed with how much Heavenly Father is blessing us, it´s like he just keeps giving and giving and never stops! We are enjoying a lot of success here in our area, but it´s not easy either. We have our hands full with around 20 progressing investigators and we struggle to plan every day because there are too many people to visit! We are taking advantage of all the young men in the ward and leaving with them a lot now too!

The best news of the week - we had FOUR investigators at church!!! (That is pretty rare in the mission!) We are progressing with a 14 year old kid named Gaston that went to church last week and will hopefully be baptized this coming week! The best part is the couple that came to church - Janet and Rodrigo. We found them Tuesday night and in the contact we invited them to be baptized and they said yes!!! They are ELEGIDASO!!! (Super golden). We had a lesson with them on Thursday and they are super intrigued about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the whole Restoration because they had never heard of it before. They really didn´t want to go to church but Saturday night we passed by their house and spent 30 minutes explaining how amazing the church was and how good it would be if they went... so they finally gave in and came! They said they were only going to stay for Sacrament Meeting because they had to work on their house after, but after sacrament meeting passed, they loved it so much that they wanted to stay all 3 hours! UNREAL. Seriously, I was blown away! And then the best part - some members that live by them drove them home and invited them to drink mate and visit later that night and they went! THAT IS CALLED MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK! We didn´t do anything and these members were teaching them on their own!!!! Ahhhhh I love the members here!!!

Oh, we also taught a 9 year old this week... HARDEST THING EVER. We visited an inactive member and she wants her son to be baptized and so we have been teaching him as simply as we can but he doesn´t remember ANYTHING that we say haha. It´s a struggle, but his mom is insistent that he should get baptized!!! No complaints there! The only bad part - the mom came to church on Sunday but didn´t bring her kid because she didn´t want him to get a cold... Wow. Bad excuse but we´ll get him here next week!
So here in Cordoba it´s absolutely freezing! A huge difference from the heat in Catamarca! I got a bad cold this week because of the change in weather, but hopefully it goes away this week. It´s so annoying to be sick as a missionary! Oh, and we finally got a Calentador in our pension so now we can stay warm!!! Still no warm showers though...

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week! I love the mission and I know that I´m so lucky to serve the Lord with all my time and effort! I love every minute of the mission and it´s passing sooooo fast! I already have 9 months!!! Can´t believe it! Anyway, love you all! Hasta next week!

Elder Bushman 😁


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