March 14, 2016


Catamarca, Argentina


Elder Seely

Week 34 - Catamarca

Hey Everyone!

This week had so many ups and downs, and there´s just so much that I can learn from this week. The main thing I learned - It doesn´t matter if you are planning on having 15 investigators at church, none of them are guaranteed to be there... That´s what happened to us this week. We invited EVERYONE to church with big-time commitments and we were positive that we would have at least 5 people at church, but we were planning on more. Well, not a single one came so we have to push back all of their baptismal dates... so yeah, that´s super frustrating.

So here in Catamarca, everyone is either Catholic or Evangelical (we love the Evangelicals way more because they actually know the Bible). This week we were contacting in the streets and we contacted a really chill guy that turned out to be an Evangelical preacher. He didn´t want to Bible Bash or anything and he was super interested in the Book of Mormon so we gave him one and told him we would go back the next day. So we went to his house again the very next day and he invites us in the house and as we are sitting there visiting with them, a bunch of people started coming into the house and it got packed with around 20 people in this little room. Turns out that he had scheduled their church meeting for right when we were there and we basically got tricked into attending their Evangelical church and it was sooooo weird!

One huge blessing that we saw this week happened again with contacting. We contacted this guy named Cristian and he told us he was Ateo (doesn´t believe in God) and we tried talking to him about the evidences of a God, but he wasn´t really interested. He said we could come back, but he wasn´t interested enough that Elder Seely and I would pass by again so we just kinda brushed it off and forgot about him. Then later that week we were in the area and my comp and I both felt that we should go by this Cristian guy again so we went to the house and asked for Cristian. A guy came to the door and said that his name was Cristian, but it wasn´t the guy we talked to the first time. Anyway, we got talking with him and he is WAY interested and we put a baptismal date with him and everything! We left him a commitment to read one chapter in the Book of Mormon, and he ended up reading Alma 1, the introduction, the testimonies of the 8 witnesses and Joseph Smith´s testimony, and now he is in the middle of 1 Nephi!!! We are so stoked about him!!!

I have learned a lot about Faith this week and how I need to trust a lot more in God than I do. I try to do a lot of things on my own and my comp and I have realized that we just need to completely trust in God so that we can let the Spirit do the work instead of us. It´s tough though! Anyway, I just love missionary work so much and I am loving my comp, my area, and everything about the mission right now! I will have a awesome story to tell you next week because we are going to a little pueblo 4 hours away from here this week to baptize a bunch of people (hopefully).

Have a great week and watch the March Madness tournament for me!!!

Elder Bushman ✌

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Krissie Bushman says:
Sorry this is late. I was in Thailand and told Jared how hot & humid it was there. This was his response: Haha, to be honest, I love the heat! I would still rather be in 100 degree weather than 45 degree weather without a doubt! I´m glad you got a taste of the heat though haha.
on March 17, 2016

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