February 22, 2016


Catamarca, Argentina


Elder Seely

Week 31 - Catamarca

Como estan? Todo bien?

I hope that everyone is doing well! Sorry that my weekly email didn`t go through last week... i wrote it but I guess you just can`t ever trust mail in Argentina - both actual mail and electronic!
This week we KILLED IT! It was one of the best weeks of my mission, especially because WE BAPTIZED!!!!!!! I can`t send pictures this week cuz I am using a super sketchy computer right now but I`ll try to get them to you next week!

We had placed a baptismal date with this girl last week, but we had planned for the baptism in 2 weeks. Anyway, it turned out that she was going to be on vacation in 2 weeks and Heavenly Father gave us miracle after miracle and we were able to teach her all the lessons, have her interview, and baptize her all within 4 days because she had already been to church many times in the past! It was so awesome, and my faith grew so much because God showed me that he really can do anything if we put in our effort. It was one of the best experiences of my mission so far and we have many more baptisms planned for 2 weeks from now so hopefully those will turn out as well!

This week was a hard one physically. We walked SO MUCH this week because our area is huge and we always walk to our citas (lessons) and nobody is home so we just spend all day walking. The last two days, we haven`t even been able to get into a house and have a lesson and give our feet a break, so that`s been tough. Elder Seely and I both have tons of blisters all over our feet and it just kills to walk, but we are pushing through it!

As far as those kids (the gang members) go that we have been working with, they came with us to play soccer on Friday and we spent about 40 minutes in the chapel talking so that they would feel comfortable there, but they still haven`t come to church yet. We are still on track to baptize a few of them though, so we`re stoked for that!

So today for P-day, we went to "The Lost City" here in Catamarca that was full of ruins and stuff. It was one of my favorite p-days so far, it was way cool! We also went to a place called Calvario, a super Catholic place in the middle of the mountains, and there is a big statue of Christ that was pretty cool with the mountains surrounding us. Again, I`ll send pictures next week.

We continue to find amazing people to teach, but finding them home and awake is such a struggle. I can`t tell you how many awesome investigators we have dropped, simply because we can`t ever find them in their houses. For me, that`s the most frustrating and irritating part of the mission by far!

My testimony has strengthened so much in the 6 months that I`ve been here in Argentina! It truly is amazing to see the Gospel change the lives of everyone we come in contact with. It`s sad that not everybody gets baptized, but even if they don`t, we have still impacted them in one way or another, and it`s just way cool to see people change!

My testimony of America has also grown a ton on the mission too! haha. I have become such a patriot since leaving because the United States really is the best country in the world and we are SOOOO lucky to live in it! We tell people here that we are from the United States and they are amazed because it`s like a dream to them! So count your blessings!!!
I hope you all have a great week! You`re all in my prayers!
-Elder Bushman

So I asked him why we didn’t get an email last week and he said he sent one but it never came through. He tried to remember what he wrote and this is what he said:

Ok, well my comp went to BYU the same time I was there so are able to talk about a lot of things from that. He just got out of the office as the financiero for all of the mission so that is helpful a lot of times, like we just got a fan in our pension because we were dying of heat and he was able to reimburse it from the office so that was way nice! He has been out almost a year. He is super obedient so we get along great and we work really hard which I love!

Oh, and this week we had over 25 people come and play soccer with us on Friday night! It was a blast! Everyone had fun and there was over 10 investigators there! We had a tour of the church afterwards and now almost all of them have baptismal dates set!!!!

I also told him to try duct taping his feet to help with blisters if he has any left because all the missionaries use tape and duct tape the minute they find any. This is his response:

That`s true, I am almost out of duct tape. both of my pairs of shoes have so much duct tape in them it`s ridiculous! They are so worn out! I have gone through a ton of moleskin and Band aids this week but I just can`t stop getting blisters and there`s no way we can just take a break and rest our feet so it`s a struggle...

I asked him about his dog bite. I thought he got bitten on the leg so I asked if his pants got torn also. He said he got bit on the hand and that he’s fine and he also said this:

I use my dog dazer, but it´s just for fun. The dogs freak out and it´s hilarious, all the other elders in my zone want to borrow it all the time haha. (It’s this little device that you push a button and it emits a high frequency sound that is supposed to scare dogs away).

He also got both my packages I sent him. Yay! I sent him a calendar with a ton of pictures and also an MP3 player and some Axe body wash and a bunch of candy & things. I can’t believe he actually got a package with electronics in it. Craig & I had a bet on if it would get there or not. He didn’t think it would but I had faith! You just gotta have faith! It took 2 months to get there but he finally got it! Thanks to Benj & Cindy Bushman for the packages also. He loved them!


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