January 25, 2016


Catamarca, Argentina


Elder Cuary

Week 28 - Catamarca

Como Andan? Todo bien?

This week was full of setbacks, but we are having fun here in Catamarca and loving being missionaries! One thing I´ve learned about the mission - If I do my part, then I´m happy. A lot of times our investigators use their agency in not the best ways and it´s frustrating for us, but if we do all we can, then we have every reason to be happy! That´s how this week kinda went, investigators making bad choices and once again to top it all off, NOT COMING TO CHURCH. Ahhhhhhh!

Right now the biggest problem for us is that everybody is on vacation! It´s in the middle of the summer here and the heat is horrible so everyone leaves the city for weeks or even months to just get out. Three of our top 4 investigators all left for vacation this week so that´s super annoying! It gives us a good excuse to spend a ton of time contacting and finding new investigators though!

Best thing from the week - There are a lot of gangs here and they are always on drugs and smoking and all of that good stuff, but we always talk to them and try to be friends with them so that they have our backs. Anyway, a group of about 6 changos that we always talk to suddenly began asking really good questions about what we do, why the heck we are here instead of the USA, and what our message was all about! One of the kids even said he wants to be a missionary like us someday and he wants to know how!!!! Unreal! Anyway, we invited them to play soccer with us on Friday night and they all came! We bet them a coke that we would win so they were super hyped to beat us (which they did...).
Afterwards we took them on a tour of the church and they loved it! They totally felt the Spirit and kept saying over and over again, "Que Hermosa!"(how beautiful) That same day, we taught all their girlfriends lesson 2 and they all have such great questions! They feel like my actual friends and they are all way tight! It´s gonna be so awesome when we baptize this whole friend group! Unfortunately, they are all breaking the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom every day right now, but we´ll work on that!

Other than that, not too much happened this week. We have a bunch of investigators, but it´s just so hard to find people in their houses and progress with them! My companion and I are working really hard though and we keep seeing little miracles every day that Heavenly Father blesses us with. We walk SO MUCH though, so I´m super tired every day, but on the bright side, I think I´m finally not gaining weight anymore!

Anyway, I love being a missionary and I can´t wait for this week! It´s gonna be killer! I love you all and hope you have a great week! Oh, and GO PANTHERS! (If you didn´t know, I hate the Broncos...)

Elder Bushman 😁


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