January 18, 2016


Catamarca, Argentina


Elder Cuary

Week 27 - Catamarca - Trip to La Rioja!

¡Hola Todos! ¿Como Están?
I hope that everyone is doing good, I love hearing from all of you every week!
This week was full of miracles, disappointment, and everything in between but it was an awesome week!

The biggest thing that happened this week is that I went to LA RIOJA!!!!! Now I´ve been to all three provinces in my mission!! Wednesday night at 11:00 at night as we were in our pajamas and ready to go to bed, the zone leaders from La Rioja called us and said that we needed to find the next bus that left to La Rioja. We had to go to do our "Tramites" to get legal status and a DNI of Argentina because right now I have been here illegally since October... so at 4 in the morning we left for La Rioja!

La Rioja is known for being 120-140 degrees in the summer so we were super worried about the heat. Luckily it turned out to be colder than Catamarca and it was only about 90!!! It was unreal! We also stayed in a hotel, got delicious breakfast from the hotel, and ate at expensive restaurants the whole time we were there. I had one of the best steaks I´ve ever had in my life there! I´ll send pictures :)

The problem was that it was all super unorganized and we basically wasted the first day there because the police station we had to go to closed early so I ended up doing Intercambios with Elder Summers (another elder from my group) that whole day. We found an awesome family that I think will get baptized, but unfortunately I won´t be there to see. :( Also, while I was doing my Tramites there, I got to talk with Elder and Sister Tanner (my cousins) a bunch since La Rioja is their area so that was really cool! Anyway, that La Rioja trip felt like a vacation and it was pretty fun, but I also hated it because we couldn´t meet with our investigators and we had to cancel a ton of citas (appointments)...

One miracle that happened this week - Saturday all day we were going to all our investigators to invite them to church and we were just super focused on finding an "escogido" or a golden investigator that we could baptize on the 30th. We worked all day without finding any new investigators. We ended the day without any luck but as we were returning to the pension, our next-door neighbors that we always say hi to began asking us questions about the church, which they had never done previously (they had never even acted interested previously). It turned into an hour lesson and this girl, her name is Mikaela, basically poured out her soul to us and told us how she is lost in life and doesn´t have any direction. ESCOGIDO!!!!! We were so pumped!!!!! Unfortunately she couldn´t come to church because she had to go somewhere with her daughter, but she is planning on it next week. It´s amazing how a person you don´t even really know can become your top investigator in less than an hour! It was incredible! And that´s just one example of all the little miracles that Heavenly Father has been blessing us with.

One last thing - on the mission it´s really tough to see other missionaries that you know are disobedient, "trucho" missionaries baptizing a bunch, while you and your companion are super obedient, working hard, and not being able to see the fruits of your labors immediately. That´s been one thing that I have learned to deal a lot with this transfer. But as I was reading the famous Ricciardi letter this week, my approach to it became entirely different. Heavenly Father only cares about what you do with your situation and your circumstances, despite what others are doing around you. It can be tough to see that sometimes, but I´ve learned a lot with that lately.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the snow! I love you all so much and think about you daily!

Elder Bushman

He also wrote Craig & I and these are some parts of his notes to us:
Yeah I talked with Elder Tanner a ton this week when I was in La Rioja for Argentina ID stuff so that was cool, he's pretty awesome. He´s going home this transfer though so that´s kinda sad...
We don´t have a washing machine here and so I have to wash by hand and it´s the worst... and my clothes are getting pretty dirty, especially the collars of my white shirts...
I asked him if they could go to a laundromat or a dry cleaner and this was his response:
No, we actually take some of our clothes to a member to wash, but it´s really slow and we go through a lot of clothes before she gets it all done. So yeah, a few of my clothes get washed every week, but not much.
Then he told us a little about his apartment:
This apartment is a little better but it has a ton of problems too. At this exact moment, our pension is being fumigated because there are a ton of cockroaches everywhere. We had to bag up all of our food and everything so that they could spray to kill everything. Also, mosquitos are killing me here. The other day I counted how many bited I had, and I had over 40 on JUST MY LEFT FOOT. YES, FORTY!!!! It´s crazy!!!!
Craig went to Peru on his mission and so he commented on that also:
So here that are a lot of people from Peru and since you served there, I always feel a sort of special connection with people there. Anyway, there is a less-active family that we paint her house a lot and have lunch with her and she´s from Peru. So far I have tried Arroz Choufa (basically fried rice), Chicha-Morada (super good drink), Lomo Saltado, y vamos a tener mucho mas!!! haha. I love the Peruvian food! I also took a picture of that list of your areas that you sent me last week so that I can show all the Peruvians where my dad served and they all know the areas! It´s pretty cool!
So my husband said he hit his bump day (1/4 way of his mission). I have never heard of bump, hump, slump and dump days but this is what Jared said to that:
Haha I´ve never heard of bump day either! But guess what all of the missionaries here do? For 6 months, they burn a tie. 1 year, they burn a white shirt. 18 months, they burn a pair of pants. 2 years, they burn a suit.. I decided I wasn´t gonna follow suit so I kept my ties haha. (I'm glad he did. I think he needs all the ties he has).


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