January 11, 2016


Catamarca, Argentina


Elder Cuary

Week 26 - Catamarca

Hey Everyone!
I hope everyone has had a great week back at work and school! I also hope you are all loving the snow because I miss it so much! The Catamarqueñas dream of seeing snow, they always ask me what it´s like haha.

I had a killer week this week, we are progressing with so many people here and I am learning to love Catamarca! Luckily it rained/was cloudy all week so we didn´t have to suffer in the heat so that was super nice!

For starters, my companion is teaching me so many things to be more effective in the work. In my past area, we would contact so much every day and we would find a lot of people but it was always hard to progress with them. But in Catamarca, I´ve learned that we had been going about finding new people the wrong way the whole time. We found 15 AMAZING new people this week, and we only contacted one house! The rest were all references from members and our investigators. We have been working with the members here really hard and it´s paying off!

We contacted one of the references that we got from a less-active a week ago - his wife died a month ago and he is super depressed so we taught him a hardcore Plan de Salvacion lesson and he loved our message. A few days later we taught lesson 3 and placed a baptismal date with him so he´s getting baptized on the 30th!!!! (Hopefully). Our zone is having a "Noche de Blanco" on the 30th so everyone is placing their baptismal dates for that day and I´m pumped! We have a ton of other investigators that we are working with and we are going to place 2 other baptismal dates tomorrow with some solid investigators that we have!

So one unique thing about Catamarca is that they have Panchos, or hot dog stands, EVERYWHERE! They are only 15 pesos (1 dollar) and you can put as many ingredients as you want on them and they are a foot long! It´s not like the USA with only ketchup or mustard on top, but there are about 20 different options of sauces and then a ton of toppings! You could say I´m a big fan of them!

Our zone of all Gringos is way awesome and we are already really close with one another. We play soccer every Friday to invite members and investigators too, so I finally have my chance to improve my Argentine soccer skills :) It´s way fun though!

Last thing, this week I read the "Riciardi Letter." It is the most motivational-missionary thing I have ever read! I invite everyone to read it because it blew my mind! I am now doing my best to bring out my "inner-Riciardi" for the rest of my mission! But seriously, take 15 minutes and read it!
That´s all for this week! I love you and hope you all have a fantastic week! Ciao!

Elder Bushman

Sorry I don´t have pictures this week cuz I accidently left my SD card in the computer in the church from emailing last week... so yeah. Sorry.


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