December 17, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Coello

Week 22 1/2

Yay!!!!!!! I`m so happy those letters got there in time! I was hoping so much that Grammy would get that! That`s awesome, I`m so happy right now!!!! What a relief!
Haha this was by far the funniest/best weekly letter you`ve written me! I laughed so much! I`m glad you liked the letters, and I`m just super happy they got there. But wow, they were expensive to send!
Sorry I wasn´t able to write last week, we had the annual Christmas party with the entire mission and we left at 5 on Sunday and got back at 3 in the morning on Tuesday. I`m dead... so tired! Ahhhh I have so much to say and I can`t remember everything!
First of all, I was happy to hear about Nicole and Emily driving up in the Mazda and shopping and stuff - that`s what high school is all about! I hope that she can have an amazing high school experience like I did!
I hope the annual Christmas party was fun for you guys, the neighbors love that every year, you are such a good neighbor :)
Haha good luck in your book groups! There are so many amazing books out there, I`ve decided I`m gonna be better about reading books when I`m back home. Also, I`ve committed myself to dedicate to piano when I`m back. Since I only listen to piano music, I really want to learn how to play some awesome songs!!! We`ll see how that goes!
Sorry I wasn`t able to write on Monday since I was gone. I think I`m just gonna do a weekly email next monday so that there aren´t 2 really close together.
So we have 2 sundays left here in this transfer and I`m probably leaving (hopefully to the office, a lot of people think that`s where I`m gonna go) so we have to have all our investigators show up to church this week if we want to baptize them next sunday! So stressful, but it gives me a ton of motivation to work! We have SOOOOO MANY awesome investigators and I want to baptize them all! ahhhhh I want to stay in Almafuerte soo bad for another transfer!
Well, I can`t remember everything I want to say but just know that I`m doing good!

Elder Bushman


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