December 7, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Coello

Week 21 - Almafuerte

Buenos Dias!!!!!

This week was awesome and we did SOOOOO much! We are working so hard here in Almafuerte so that we can get a baptism before Christmas... and we are so close!!!!

For starters, our focus this week was Nancy Diaz. She has been our investigator for over 3 months, and she`s the girl that never showed up to her baptism last week. We visited her this week and she`s not doing well. The reason we wanted her baptism to be last week or this week is because she had a big operation scheduled for this Wednesday and was planning on being stuck in her bed for about 2 weeks... BUT now that`s not happening. Her health is absolutely terrible and this week she found out she needs a blood transfusion before her operation so now her whole operation process is set back. Plus she now has a friend taking care of her kids, cooking, cleaning, and all of that because Nancy is too weak to do anything! It`s so sad!!! This Wednesday we are going to give her a blessing but if you can, pray for her because she`s really struggling! Let me remind you that she`s only 30 years old... and her health is already failing her. I feel so bad for her, but God really is helping her to get through it!

This week we found a TON of solid new investigators, and I`m super excited about all 12 of them! All the people here love taking the lessons and inviting us into their homes, but they won´t come to church. It`s soooooooo frustrating, but it`s just an obstacle that every missionary has to deal with.

Also, we FINALLY fixed our bikes so we can teach way more lessons and visit way more people now! Unfortunately, my bumb is SUPER sore... but it`s nice to have bikes again!

Oh, and last night we saw the Christmas Devotional!! We stayed up until midnight to watch it in the church with all the members and it was an awesome experience! I loved hearing MoTab sing Christmas music and both Bednar and Uchtdorf gave unreal talks! And the best part - I understood what they were saying in Spanish!!!! It was way better than General Conference haha!

Here on the mission I continue to eat a ton and get fat, but don´t worry, I`ll work it all off the last 6 months of the mission :) But in reality, I`m super fat and I can`t fit into any of my pants any more... and you should see how I`ve sewed my pants back together, it`s hilarious! I`m really learning a lot with how to survive without my mom. :) It`s tough but I enjoy it!

The mission is such an awesome experience and I wouldn`t trade it for anything! I am learning so much about our Savior and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can really change us for the better. Almost everyone thinks that we are just another religion out there, but it really is so much more and I just wish the world could see it as we do! The church is the best thing in the world and I`m so lucky I get to share that message with the people of Almafuerte!!

Have a great week and enjoy the Christmas season!!

Love, Elder Bushman


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