November 30, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Coello

Week 20 - Almafuerte, Argentina

Buenos Dias Familia!!!

This week was full of adventuring, hard work, and disappointment, but it was all really good and I learned so much this week!

So the main thing that happened was our baptism Sunday. Our investigator that we have had since I arrived in Argentina, Nancy Diaz, was finally ready for her baptism. Wednesday we finished up all the lessons with her and on Friday I had Intercambios with Elder Dwiggins for her baptismal interview. After the interview, E`Dwiggins said that he`s never seen an investigator so ready to be baptized!! Then her baptism came on Sunday..... and she never showed up. We have had trouble having her attend church for the baptism and my worst nightmare became a reality when she didn´t come. We had members pass by her house and knock on her door but to no avail. We had the font filled up, food for the baptism, and a whole program planned and we had to cancel the whole thing! It was horrible!

Later Sunday, we got a message from Nancy saying that she was super sick and throwing up! I felt so bad for her, but it was a huge relief to know that there was a reason she missed her baptism. But Sunday was horrible because we had so much success with investigators all week long, but then not one investigator showed up for church. It`s soooooo frustrating!!! Ahhhhhhh! But that`s just something that every missionary has to deal with, so I`m getting used to it.

On Saturday, we gave service from 9 in the morning until 4ish in the afternoon. One of the members here (a less-active) is building his house so we help him often on his house. This week we started his roof and finished the whole first layer! It`s tough work but I really enjoy learning how to build houses and it`s a great experience! And the best part, since we worked so long and hard on his house, the less-active guy FINALLY came to church!!!!!!! We have been working on him forever so it was awesome to finally see him there!

One of the highlights of my week was my Intercambio with Elder Dwiggins. We spent the day in Embalse (for the baptismal interview for Nancy) and we toured the city a bit. We went to the huge lake there and then basically just went adventuring in the hills of Embalse. We found a HUGE abandoned hotel that was super cool! I have videos of it that unfortunately I can`t send, but it was tight!

Last week for P-day we had a zone activity and played Paddle. It`s just like tennis but there are walls all around the court and you play off the walls too! It`s super fun! I`m not sure if it`s in the United States or not, but it`s awesome! There I also had my first really good Asado, it was just like the New York Steak that I love from Tepanyaki! Unreal!

I love working here in Almafuerte with Elder Coello! Elder Coello loves throwing doctrine into every conversation that we have and he`s not afraid to "baja la caña" or be super direct in telling people how they need to live their life haha. I get scared sometimes that he`ll offend people, but most of the time it`s fun to sit back and watch him tell people how to live their lives! haha. But seriously, I`m having a blast with Elder Coello and since it`s a new month, we have money in our accounts again so we can eat good food again!!! Yay!!!

That`s about it for this week! I hope that everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and is enjoying the Christmas season! I really miss the Christmas music right now, especially Mariah Carey`s Christmas songs! That`s the good stuff! But I hope you all remember what Christmas is all about and we owe everything we have to our Savior Jesus Christ! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Bushman 😊✌


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