October 19, 2015


Almafuerte, Argentina


Elder Morales

Week 14 - Almafuerte

Happy Mother`s Day!!!!! Oh wait.. Mother`s Day is in May for every country in the world except for Argentina, it was this past Sunday. Argentina just loves to be different from everyone else, they`re crazy here. The time here keeps getting faster and faster, it`s crazy! I feel like I wrote everyone yesterday! So the best news of this week is that my Spanish is getting so much better! I can finally share an equal part of lessons with Elder Morales and I can understand just about everything people say and reading is super easy now! I can finally read the scriptures and Preach My Gospel in Spanish! Yay!!!!

So this week was really hard cuz we don´t have any progressing investigators with baptismal dates. We have one girl who is our age that really wants to be baptized but won´t go to church... she reads her scriptures and prays and does everything she should, EXCEPT go to church! It´s so freaking frustrating but I know that she`ll be baptized soon, whether in this transfer or the next!

We have another family, Flia Reinosa, that is super awesome and they love us! The only problem is that they have two daughters - ages 13 &11 - that have Catholic Mass every Sunday from 10-12 (right when we have church). They go to a Catholic school so they have to go to mass, so that`s an issue. Plus the parents aren´t married (just like everyone else here) and so it`ll be a while until they are baptized too. :(

This week we helped a lot with the house of Hermano Nuñez, and we almost have all the walls done and we are putting on the roof soon!!! Right now they have absolutely no money and are renting a tiny pension to live in, so we are trying to finish the house quick to help them out! They are also on the edge of being Less-Actives and the missionaries are just about the only thing that keep them praying and reading the scriptures (and that´s only because we call them almost every day or visit them and tell them how important it is).

Another awesome thing about this week is that we didn´t have to cook 1 meal! There are 7 families that make up are little branch - we have about 25-30 people at church every week. Anyway, each family fed us this week on a different day and so we didn`t have to spend hardly any money this week, it was awesome!! And that`s huge for my companion too, he only has 200 pesos for the rest of the month (that`s less than $20 dollars).

So that was our week, nothing too exciting! I`m just loving being a missionary and helping to improve the lives of others! I struggle a lot with my companion but I`ve found that the best way to help our relationship is to share and serve him so that I can essentially "kill him with kindness" haha. So far it has worked pretty well, but honestly I can´t wait for November 18th when we have Transfers again!! But don´t worry, I still love Elder Morales and try to have as much fun with him as I can! I know without a doubt that the church is true and we have all been blessed SO much because of living the Gospel!
I love you all and hope that everyone has a great week!!!
Elder Bushman


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